Our Approach

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Counselling Process

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When Should I Seek Help

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All in the Family Counselling is dedicated to providing the highest quality of counseling services for individual, couples and families in Singapore. We provide marriage counselling, couple counselling, pre marriage counselilng as well as individual counselling.  Our experienced expat counsellor is a highly trained and experienced professional counsellor. Each client or couple is assisted in reaching their maximum potential for well-being. We provide practical evidenced based treatment that allows clients to see improvement in 6 sessions. While some clients may need more counseling, we strive to provide quick results. All in the Family Counselling works to contribute to the community through affordable workshops, support groups and educational talks. For more details visit articles to read more about what counselling looks like with us or read more about our lead expat counsellor

We provide evening and Saturday appointments

We are often able to provide same day appointments, if you are flexible in your schedule

We are providing half-day counselling on November 10, 2015, the Public Holiday

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