Our Approach

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Counselling Process

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When Should I Seek Help

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Who We Are

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About UsWe are US trained Master Degree Level Mental Health Counselors that use evidence based treatments in order to provide mental health counseling services to clients with a wide variety of personal and interpersonal issues relating to poor relationships, parenting issues, stress, anxiety, depression, problem solving skills and addiction. We provide individual counselling and marriage counselling. We help parents with relationship issues with their children.

We also provide educational talks, support groups and workshop.

A professional individual counselor or marriage counsellor can help give you the skills and tools to regain internal control, stop blaming others and help you find your path to happiness. A professional counselor has a master’s degree with at least 6+years of training, usually passes national exams, continuing education courses and supervision. They can help you stop self-defeating patterns and improve important relationships.

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