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How to Forgive your Partner after they’ve cheated on you.

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Did your spouse or partner cheat on you? Was the cheating long-term or a one-night stand? Was it with a sex worker or a co-worker? May be they didn’t even have a chance to have sex because you caught them, but it hurt you none-the-less.



Now are you struggling to forgive them to save the relationship and move on? Do you feel that you are oddly responsible now to keep the relationship together and if you can’t forgive your partner it will become your fault the relationship breaks down. Do you feel this is unfair and you never did anything wrong to ask for this?


If you have any of these feelings, you are not alone. It is unfortunately a common issue that many individuals, men or women, must struggle with in the long journey to recover from infidelity.


rush to forgiveness can gloss over the great hurt and imperfections in a relationship. It may limit the necessary discussions you need to get your feelings and hurt addressed.


If you feel that your are struggling to forgive your partner and you getting stuck, therapy can help to create a framework and architecture to guide couples and individuals through the process of forgiveness, trust building and repairing and recreating a healthy relationship.


No one is prepared for the massive and devasting fall out that results from infidelity. It is a big journey. The relationship is forever changed. There is no going back, but you can save it and have the possibility to have a new and improved one.


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