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A letter to women to protect their fertility

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This letter was written by a member of our Infertility Group and she wanted it to be shared with as many women as possible in the hope of avoiding heartbreak due to infertility.

Dear Friend,

I apologize in advance if I am overstepping my limitations. I am sending this email to all my close female friends. As you know we have gone through several difficult years dealing with infertility. The further we go down this road the more I have learnt about our bodies, the science and how everything functions . At this point we are nearing the end of this journey and I truly wish I knew earlier what I know now . I feel it is my duty as a friend to share this information with all the women in my life who may at some point want to have a child.

Recently, we went to a new clinic that is very latest in the field of fertility and they ordered a test for me that I truly wish someone had  taken earlier. Like 3 years earlier and we would have taken a very different path and made different choices. This test is called AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone). This measures your ovarian reserve and basically tells you how much time  is left with you. I am shocked at the results  as I came to know that I don’t have much time left with me Even if you have healthy periods your ovarian reserve can be  failing prematurely.

Perhaps you are unsure if you even want to have a family but I feel that knowing that these types of tests  exist and can perhaps help you in the planning of your future. I would hate to see anyone go through what we have gone through. It has been an incredible burden both financially and emotionally. One of the most frustrating things is much of of this was avoidable if only I  had known then what I know now.

The following are the blood tests you might want to consider getting done to aid you in your planning especially if you are over 35.

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)-can be done during any day of your cycle.
 FSH- (follicle stimulating Hormone)- should be done on day 2 or 3 after d your period commences
 E2 (estradiol)- should be done on day 2 or 3 after your period commences

You should also consider getting an ultrasound on day 3 of your period to check your AFC (antral follicle count).


You may be able to get these things done by your regular OBGYN. If not you can go to the link below to find the best clinic in your area. The top IVF clinic will have most of the knowledge and will have all these tests  available.


At the bottom of this email are links to a couple of readings that you might find insightful. I am not trying to scare you I just want to share with you this knowledge so that you can make informed decisions. Again, I  wish I had this information earlier.

I apologize again if this email is offensive to you in anyway but I now feel that fertility preservation is something that should be offered and explained as part of our regular gynecological care. This information is never given to people until they have a problem and by that time it may be too late.

Please feel free to forward this email to any woman in your life you think would benefit from this information. (Please remove my name and email before you forward).

Much love,



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