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It's good to be in Love!

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When couples are in love and feeling better than they ever have, it is very easy to overlook issues and differences that show signs of being problematic later on if not dealt with effectively. Often people do not want to talk about problems when they are in a good place. But this is when its most important to do it. Most people wait until they are fighting to unleash all the things they are angry about and this is very ineffective.

People often do not consider getting relationship help when things are good. However, that is the best time to seek professional help to improve your relationship skills when you are feeling loving towards your partner. If there are signs that you are struggling discussing differences of wants, being understood or have changes negotiating differences, getting help early is a great way to avoid major problems.

All in the Family Counselling specializes in relationship counselling whether it is with your spouse, parent-child, fiancé or boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone can benefit from learning more effective communication skills, learning how to manage and positively negotiate differences and enhance overall intimacy.

 Pre-Marriage & Post Marriage Counselling

Pre-Marriage counselling is so important to help prepare couples with effective communication and conflict management skills so that when the strong feelings of love and sexual attraction wane and are replaced by the reality of everyday life and challenges, couples will still be able to function effectively, maintain their friendship and increase intimacy.  A 2012 UCLA study found that women going into marriage with doubts were more likely to be divorced by year 4 in the marriage. Getting skills and clearing up doubt increase successful marriages.

Infertility Counselling

Before embarking on infertility treatments, couples or individuals can benefit from learning more effective stress and anxiety management skills. Also infertility counselling can help couples process and effectively manage the grief experienced from failed cycles. Infertility also greatly impacts a couples sex life and counselling can be a protective factor so that love making doesn’t just become baby making. Protecting your relationship and reducing stress can help make infertility treatments more positive.

Bringing Home Baby Counselling

A baby brings to a couple many positive things. However, a baby can also risk bringing in more conflict, tension and disagreement if couples do not have effective skills for managing the changed freedom, duties and expectations that a baby brings to a relationship. Gottman’s research shows couples experience a significant decrease, as high as 66%, in marital satisfaction after the birth of a child and increase the likelihood a of disengaged father. This has been shown to be negated by learning good relationship skills through counselling.

Baby Sleep Fairy

Teaching you effective ways to get your child to sleep using an evidence based approach. We help you understand how sleep works, teach you about sleep and the four main problems so that you can get your child sleep great in a short period of time. Research consistently shows that poor quality sleep is harmful for the quality of your baby’s health and development. Poor quality sleep in children is also linked to a mother’s increased risk in developing post natal depression.

Visit our website and read our articles for more information or give us a call to learn more about how our experienced and practical Master Degree Level counselling with over 10,000 hours of experience and specialized training in infertility couselling, infidelity counselling and attachment and trauma. She’s happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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