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My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me

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Are you searching the internet trying to figure out why your husband doesn’t want sex with you? Have you tried all sorts of different approaches to talk with him about the lack of sex in your relationship? Have you tried the subtle approach, the direct approach, the angry approach or the hurt approach and yet, nothing works? Have you tried getting in shape, buying lingerie, sex toys, or a new hair style? Anything to get your husband interested in you but nothing works?


If you feel emotionally disconnected and want sex to connect to you and nothing you do helps but desperately want to improve your marriage through improving your sex life, therapy for you can help


Sex in a marriage is nearly impossible to fix on your own. You have probably tried very hard. You have probably been left with a damaged self-esteem, feeling embarrassed and humiliated at asking for sex with  your husband and being turned down. You at a loss as to what to do. All you know is that you are sad, humiliated and probably reaching the point of anger at the rejection. You know you don’t want a celibate marriage but also don’t want charity sex from your husband. You want him to want it and you are willing to work at but can’t figure out why he won’t.


You may even have wondered if he is gay, having an affair or why he prefers porn over you. He may even assure you that he loves and there is no one else. He may have told you over and over again that he is tired from work or stressed out. He’ll tell you its not you but him. But that doesn’t help you. You are now at the point to send him to doctor or therapy.


One thing to consider is getting help for yourself. Improving your sex life cannot be a solo activity. It is not just your problem or your husband problem. It is a relationship issue. However if you spouse won’t help you, the next best thing is to work on yourself. Sometimes people want to focus on their sex life for the wrong reasons.


I often help people understand how they can improve their lives and relationship by working on themselves even if their partner doesn’t want to come.


husband won't have sex with meYou may be thinking, “why should I go to therapy when I want to have sex and improve the relationship”. Well, yes this is true, but part of the limiting belief you may hold is that therapy is a punishment or for people who lack motivation. In fact, therapy won’t work on someone if they don’t want to change. If you want to change, think of therapy as an investment in yourself and your quality of life. It isn’t about punishment or fixing broken people. I often help people to see dynamics in their lives and relationships that they can change and improve without their spouse coming.


Often lack of interest in sex by spouse can be more of symptom than a problem. If you spouse doesn’t want to come, think about helping yourself, that is the only thing you can do.


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