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Hypnotherapy Treatment Singapore

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All in the Family Counselling Centre and Tammy Fontana, are dedicated to assist our clients in their treatment by selectively applying hynotherapy as a part of our client's overall treatment.  Hypnotherapy is especially effective to help people dealing with anxiety, sexual performance issues, self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

Hypnotherapy is very helpful with clients who feel they are stuck in their lives, cannot make decision or find clarity. Hypnotherapy can be a very useful part of treatment of help with healing in traumatic life events

Hypnotherapy is the use of trance for therapeutic purposes to allow be open to suggestion and reduce cognitive barriors to insight. It helps clients to access deep feelings and insight. It is important that hypnotherapy is done as a part of your overall treatment. 

We integrate hypnotherapy with psychodynamic therapy to provide the most comprehensive approach. Our clinician will assess and discuss with you the option to integrate it into your treatment.  

Hypnotherapy helps people to relax and gain insight into problems and issues that they get stuck. It is an effective way to enhance talk therapy. An initial 50 minute consultation is required prior to engaging in hypnotherapy treatment. For more information please whatsapp, sms (prefered) or call Ms. Fontana at +6590307239 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hypnotherapy sessions are

80 minutes: $300

110 Minutes: $400



Our therapist Tammy Fontana, has completed her advanced clinical training in hypnotherapy. She receives ongoing support and supervision from leading experts to ensure her clients receive the best clinical care.



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