Our Approach

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Counselling Process

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When Should I Seek Help

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Make an Appointment

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Make an appointment

Call 9030 7239 to speak to a therapist to discuss setting an appointment.  Alternatively you can send an email to a secure and confidential email address or send a SMS to schedule a follow up call by the therapist. We are able to provide same day appointments for those in urgent need.

We'll be happy to discuss our rates and treatment approaches for your specific concern over the phone. Your email or call will be responded to within the same day. Appointments can usually be made within 2-3 days of contacting the therapist depending upon availability and even on same day if you have a lot of flexibility as to when you can meet.

Therapy Session

Fees: Payable in Cash in office or prepay Via Paypal on this Website

50 Minute Session  = $200

80 Minute Sessions: $300

100 Minute Session : $400

Therapy is a process and for couples or individuals wishing to come weekly, I offer the option to get package. I sell them in sets of 6 sessions. Prior sessions cannot be applied. The package is valid for 4 months from the date of purchase and is nonrefundable.  

Package of 6 sessions: $1110

Counselling Hours

All session are by appointment only. We offer counselling Monday through Saturday. We can provide morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Our first appointment is 8am with our last session 7pm, Monday through Friday. Saturday sessions start at 9am and last appointment is 5pm.

All in the Family Counselling seeks to provide high quality evidence based therapy. We will work with our clients to make affordable high quality treatment. Contact us to find out how we might help you.

Holiday Hours

Appointments during public holidays are available, please contact us


We have peak and non-peak rates as well as packages. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us or call us at 90307239 to learn more


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