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Tired of having the Same Bad Relationship Patterns

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Do you want to have a healthy loving relationship but they always seem to elude you? Do you and all your friends tell you what a great catch you are? You are attractive, reasonably successful, have lots of friends and are pleasure to be around, yet you cannot maintain a romantic relationship. Does this frustrate and confuse you?


bad datingAre you tired of being alone? Do you often end up in a many one night stand situations or situations where you think you found your love match and then find yourself chasing them only to have greatly misread the situation and be left alone hurt and disappointed?


I can help you develop better dating and relationship habits to help you better meet the right romantic partner. I help people become aware of their screening process and lack of healthy boundaries that gets them into bad situations of heart break and disappointment.


If you are tired of feeling used, alone and heart broken, it may not be the men or woman, but it is probably you. You may not know how to set healthy boundaries. You may be unaware of your deep fear of loneliness that makes you lower your standards. You may not have a healthy template of relationshiops or dating.


Fear not, I can help you as I’ve helped many other individuals, men and women, you and divorced.


Everyone wants and deserves a healthy loving relationship. However, you have to know how to love yourself, set healthy boundaries and learn how to create a full life so that you can date in a healthy way.


To learn more please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or sms or whatsapp me for rates and appointment at +6590307239


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