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Crisis Management When You Find Out Your Partner is Cheating On You

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Did you just find out and have proof your partner is cheating on you? Are you searching for what to do once you find out your partner has cheated on you? Are you overwhelmed with huge emotions of fear, betrayal, hurt, disbelief and sadness. Do you feel like your world has crumbled beneath you.



I’m so very sorry for this shock, loss and betrayal. It is shatters your world, your belief and safety. It is so disorienting and produces incredibly strong and intense feelings and emotions. It is often hard to think, to know what to do and what is the right thing.


In moments like this, people need help and clarity. Crisis therapy can help a couple deal with the massive fall out and shock of discovering the infidelity.


When people discovery infidelity, cheating and betrayal, this early stage requires a special type of therapy. It is not at this time that people can look and move quickly into saving the relationship. There is is too much and strong emotions and confusion.


Instead, couples need help navigating the crisis. They help to process intense feelings and deal with immediate issues of:


  • Allow the cheating partner to stay in the home
  • What to do about the children
  • How to deal with work, especially if it is an office affair or cheating that occurred on the work place
  • Who the betrayed person is allowed to tell and the consequences of telling and not telling: ie what are the consequences of telling friends, family or calling it into work
  • How to deal with the betrayed party’s feelings: Shock, rage, anger
  • What do if suicidal thoughts or idea become a part of the situation
  • What to if there are major financial betrayals discovered along with the infidelity
  • What to do if STD or pregnancy has occurred due to the affair
  • How to address the loss of safety and emotional well being of the betrayed party


Many immediate issues need to be attended to in the immediate weeks and months of discovering the affair.


infidelity discoveryCrisis therapy can help create an architecture and framework to help the couple navigate the strong emotions and volatility that arises from discovering an affair.


In cases such as this, it is not uncommon for couples to attend 2-3 times a week to stabilize the situation so that the couple can function at work and taking care of their children if they have any.


We specialize in the extreme emotions and disruptions that infidelity discovery can bring.



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