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Parenting Dilemma, Kids Changed Your Marriage

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parenting and marriageAre you struggling to find a balance between parenting and loving your children and connecting to your spouse? Do you feel like since the kids came there is no time for you to connect to your spouse. Do you feel like all you talk about with your spouse is administration of life, no dreams or hopes. Has your sex life dropped or disappeared?


Children do change the marital relationship. Mainly it takes away precious time and makes life and priorities more complicated. Very few couples are actually ready for the dramatic change that children bring to their individual life as well as the couple.


If you are finding yourself questioning why you are working so hard for little love and appreciation from your spouse or kids, fret not, this is a fixable solution. The most important thing is to not wait until too much resentment and disappointment build between you and your spouse.


Couples with children find themselves in a unique position of having to renegotiate all the issues and values that they had worked out prior to the kids. Often after the kids, you learn new things about yourself and your partner you didn’t know before. You actually BECOME a parent, a new identity, role and person. People often need different things from the relationship and their partner.


Most couples have no idea how to talk about issues like:

-Household responsibilities

-Sex, what is its priority and meaning

-Sex, what is now seductive post children

-What are my needs today after children

-How do couples do fun

-Finding a balance between, work, family, couple time and individual time


These are common issues I help couples work through and redefine a loving and need satisfying relationship.


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