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Infertility Counselling

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Preventative Infertility Counselling for Couples

Infertility CounsellingResearch has shown that infertile and invasive treatments can have a lasting effect on the marriage of infertile couples and on their relationship with their children. Research, has also shown that the financial stress, the impact of psychological choices about adoption, sperm and egg donations and issues of unused embryos after a successful attempt take its toll on a couple (Savitz-Smith, 2003). Other couples must face the reality of determining when to stop.

Protect Your Relationship Before You Start Treatments

Preventative Infertility Counselling is done before heading down infertility and will assess current stressors, past history of anxiety and/or trauma and relationship stability and other important factors to ensure the couple can endure the possible long process of infertility treatments. Many other countries mandate infertility counselling because of the known stress and anxiety it produces for couples.

Preventative Counselling will help you Evaluate and Strengthen:

  • Gender differences related to having children and pursing infertility treatments
  • Clarifying psychological issues related to boundaries and limits of:
    • Financial considerations
    • Number of procedures
    • Frequency of procedures
    • Whether to use donor sperm or egg
    • Views on adoption
    • What do to with unused embryos after a successful attempt
    • Framing when to determine stopping treatments
  • Evaluating the maturity and strength of the existing relationship to new stress
  • Learn anxiety management strategies
  • Develop rituals around unsuccessful cycles and manage the grief process
  • Identify and develop successful ways of coping 

Couple or Individual Counselling During Infertility Treatments

Infertility pregnancy testAs a couple finds themselves fully engaged in infertility treatments, common experiences are with increased anxiety levels, stress of related to financial issues, gender differences in approach to treatments and desire for a child and increasing isolation from friends and family.

Individual or couple counselling can help address:

  • Grief and loss of failed cycles and failure to realize parenthood in a reasonable timeframe
  • Increased Anxiety and Stress
  • Communication and Relationship breakdowns
  • Intimacy 
  • Sexual issues resulting from prolonged timed sexual intercourse for conception purposes
  • Assistance in re-evaluating other options to current infertility treatment
  • Assistance in helping to evaluate when to stop treatments
  • Repairing and Strengthen the relationship

Warning Signs to Seek Counselling

  • Excessive amount of time searching the internet that impacts daily functioning
  • Withdrawal from social circles or daily actives
  • Avoiding certain places or events because of associated babies or children
  • Marked increase in anger and inappropriate anger outbursts
  • Increased ritualization of actives such as eating or behaviors that interfere with normal daily activities
  • Marked depression or suicidal thoughts

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