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July 9 - 1/2 day Parenting Skills Development Workshop

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Parenting Skills Development Workshop

This program is unique because it incorporates child development, child brain develop, exploration of parent attachment and values along with evidenced based parenting skills. This parenting Skills Development workshop will help you end the frustration of scolding, nagging, complaining, criticizing, blaming and canning and given you the confidence and skills to be an effective happy parent. This workshop is designed for parents who would like to become more effective and bring fun back into parenting and happiness into the household.

Program can be applied to children from 2 to 16 for issues such as:

  • Getting ready for school in the morning
  • Bathing
  • Meal times
  • Homework
  • General compliance

The effectiveness of this program is we address the development of your child so that the interventions you apply are age appropriate. While many parenting programs and books provide valid parenting interventions, they often fail to address core issues of child development, child brain development, and a parent’s attachment style- which are all critical to the successful implementation of parenting skills.

 If you find yourself doing and saying things you swore that you’d never do because you didn’t like it when your parent’s did it, this is related to your parenting attachment style and the fact that we parent the way we were parented- unless we take steps to change our parenting approach through education and knowledge.

Without being aware of how we were parented and where our parenting values come from, it makes it harder to implement effective parenting techniques consistently and for the long term. Also if you don’t understand your child’s mental and emotional level, applying interventions not designed for the right age of your child won’t be effective.

Tangible benefits of our PSD program usually include:

  • Better parent/child relationship
  • Begin shift from nagging parent to coach
  • Improved parenting confidence
  • Better child compliance
  • Increased cooperation

The class will be small with a maximum of 6-7 parents who all want to improve their parenting skills. Small class size will offer more individual attention to address specific needs and provide enhanced feedback. This will be hands on helping you to build upon your existing parenting strengths and skills to make them more effective.

Schedule: July 9, 2011 from 10am to 2pm

Session 1: July 9 from 10am to 2pm
  • Discussion of Attachment:
  • Parent and child attachment style
  • Assessing Parent’s history of parenting and parenting values
  • Child Development
  • Child brain development
  • Reframing discipline away from Punishment
  • Learning effective parenting skills that teach a child how to think, build self-esteem and improve parent and child relationship
  • Tasks to try new skills at home


55 Market Street, Level 10, next to the Bank of Singapore Building.

MRT: Raffles Place, 4 minute walk

Park: Across at Golden Shoe car park

Who Should Attend:

Any parent wanting to improve their parenting skills, improve their relationship with their child and have greater peace and happiness at home. This program is not designed for children to attend. 


$250 for July 9, 2011 workshop for 1 parent or $350 for both parents. Includes drinks and lights snacks.


One Parent Attending: $250

2Married Parents Attending: $350


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