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October 15, 2011 Child Centered Play Workshop

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Introduction to Child Centered Play for Parents 

child play

Play is universal among children. Whenever they are permitted to children will play. Play is the foundation for healthy child development on many different dimension. Play reflects their world and helps them understand their world. The selection of toys or play items often are symbolic and reflect the child’s world.

All in the Family Counselling will be conducting an introduction to the basics of child centered play. This form of play is a highly effective intervention to help address child and family problems as well as prevent issues by allowing a child and parent to interact, communicate and relate in a new special way. This type of interventions has  45 year history and can address issue of child anxiety, depression, divorce and sibling problems. A child centered play is a special session that lasts 30 minutes long between a child and a parent is very different from normal play.

This type of intervention helps enhance a parent's ability to understand and relate to their child a deeper meaningful level that is on the child's level of communication. Child centered play is for children from ages 12 months to 11 years of age.


This is a 3 hour session

You will learn about purpose of children's play

Be introduced to 4 main skills parents need to master in child centered play session

Learn about the toys required for child centered play sessions and their purpose


Light tea will be provided

Time is 1030am to 130pm

Location: 55 Market Street, Level 10

Session is $200 for one parent $250 for both parents

Call: 9030 7239

All in the Family Counselling if you have questions

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One Parent Child Centered Play: $200

2 Married Parentes: $250

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