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May 24, 2012: More Than Parenting Tips: Workshop for Enhancing Parenting Skills

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Getting Past Parenting Tips: Workshop for Developing a Strategy for Successful Parenting, May 24, 2012 at 11am to 2pm Spaces Still Available

Ever wonder why all those amazing tips from friends, parents and books never seem to consistently work?  Are you tired of the endless battles with your children and perhaps even your spouse over what is the right way to deal with child misbehavior and both parents struggle to be consistent?

Well this workshop will provide you an introduction on how to develop an overarching evidence based strategy that will help you integrate and understand when to use popular parenting strategies. This workshop will help understand why these work and don’t work.

Outcomes of this workshop:

  • Learn key child cognitive and behavior development stages so that you can better assess age appropriateness of popular parenting tools and interventions
  • Identify your parenting goals for meal times, getting dressed and ready for school, temper tantrums and homework for your child(ren) and a road map for how to implement them at home
  • Understand from a science and evidence based way why neither the “carrot” nor “the stick” are optimal parenting strategies for long term discipline or learning
  • Learn how to develop a way that teaches a child internal control and choice making consistent with your parenting goals
  • Why play is important and helps with behavioral management issues
  • Develop ways that will build strong parent-child and parent-parent relationships without having to resort to nagging, complaining and blaming type punishments.

Workshop Agenda

This will be a hands on and interactive workshop. It is designed to get your going in the right direction of creating a parenting strategy. If you have more questions about this workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

  • Review your parenting style and history
  • Understanding the importance of play and how it is critical to child’s development and learning
  • Overview of basic child development explaining brain development, cognitive and behavioral developmental stages in children as a foundation to understanding how to implement various child interventions
  • Overview and explanation using research to explain why neither the “carrot” or “the stick” type parenting styles consistently work
  • Distinguishing discipline from punishment
  • Developing your parenting goals for your child
  • Learning to assess what your child’s behavior is trying to tell you
  • Practical examples: either case studies or parent’s real examples


55 Market Street, Level 10, next to the Bank of Singapore Building.

MRT: Raffles Place, 4 minute walk, follow exit A

Parking: Across at Golden Shoe car park


Who Should Attend:

Any parent wanting to improve their parenting skills, improve their relationship with their child and have greater peace and happiness at home. This program is not designed for children to attend. This will be hands on workshop with lots of parent interaction and input.



$150 for individual or $200 for a married couple. This will include coffee, tea and water along with a light Tea snack served of cookies and sandwiches

For payment other than through Paypal with your credit card please call Tammy at 9030 7239

Individual Parenting Attendee: $150

Married Parents Attendees: $200



Thursday May 24, 2012


11:00am to 2pm, please arrive on time


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us at 9030 7239

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