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October 25, 2012: Beyond Parenting Tips: Translating Parenting Concepts into Effective Parental Behaviors

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Beyond Parenting Tips: Translating Parenting Concepts into Effective Parental Behaviors October 25, 2012 at 11:00am to 1:30pm 

Ever wonder why all those amazing tips from friends, parents and books never seem to consistently work?  Have you attended many parenting workshops but are still not getting better results. If you are you tired of the endless battles with your children and perhaps even your spouse over what is the right way to deal with child misbehavior this workshop will teach you how to translate concepts into effective parent behaviors to get the results you want without nagging, complaining, yelling and threatening.

This workshop is different because it will be interactive and focused on how to DO the Concepts, not just study them. The therapist will actually be demonstrating principals through role playing and videos. She'll demonstrate what works and doesn't work- and explain why. She'll  show you what your child sees and probably (mis) understands from your behavior based on your child's brain development.

In order for parents to be effective they must first understand their child's developmental and cognitive capabilities. Second, parents must explore some of their own beliefs that may be preventing them from being effective and third parents must evaluate what their behavior is communicating to their child and see if it is consistent with the message you actually want them to get.

Outcomes of this workshop:

  • Learn key child cognitive and developmental stages so that you can better assess age appropriateness of popular parenting tools and interventions
  • Identify your parenting goals and separate these from Parent's needs and Parent's wants
  • Understand from a science and evidence based way why neither the “carrot” nor “the stick” are optimal parenting strategies for long term discipline or learning
  • Develop parenting framework that will allow you to apply and do parenting concepts effectively.

Workshop Agenda

This will be a hands on and interactive workshop. It is designed to get your going in the right direction of creating a parenting strategy. If you have more questions about this workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

  • Overview of basic child development
  • Overview and explanation using research to explain why neither the “carrot” or “the stick” type parenting styles consistently work
  • Distinguishing discipline from punishment
  • Integrating Parenting Intentions with Consistent Behaviors so that Children get the Correct message and parenting becomes fun!


55 Market Street, Level 10, next to the Bank of Singapore Building.

MRT: Raffles Place, 4 minute walk, follow exit A

Parking: Across at Golden Shoe car park

Who Should Attend:

Any parent, teacher or helper wanting to improve their discipline skills and improve their relationship with their child and have greater peace and happiness at home. This program is not designed for children to attend. This will be hands on workshop with lots of adult interaction and input. This workshop is ideal for parents with children age 4 through 14.


$100 for individual or $125 for a married couple. This will include coffee, tea and water along with a light snack served of cookies. Please feel free to bring a brown bag lunch



Thursday October 25, 2012


11:00am to 1:30pm, please arrive on time


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us at 9030 7239

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