Scared of Being Alone and Single

Scared of Being Alone and Single

Are you afraid to be single? Do you believe that being single is the same as being alone? Are you scared that you’ll never meet anybody and end up dying alone?

Autophobia, or the fear of loneliness, is a condition wherein an individual experiences intense anxiety about being isolated or left alone. This fear often stems from childhood traumas, such as abandonment or losing a parent, which can create deep-seated insecurities.

The symptoms and effects of autophobia include:

  • Physical: Nausea, sweating, trembling, increased blood pressure, hyperventilation, and increased heart rate 
  • Psychological: Anxiety, feelings of dread, depression, and low self-esteem
  • Behavioral: Constantly seeking validation from others, approval-seeking behavior, and people-pleasing tendencies


Loneliness and Constant Need for Validation

Living with the fear of being alone can drive a person to make decisions that they may not be proud of. Their actions are not necessarily a reflection of their character. Instead, they likely have not developed the skills and self-identity to live on their own. Many people who are scared of being alone or living without a partner are looking for someone to give them things that a partner cannot give them. Also, their loneliness drives them to constantly look for somebody to love them unconditionally and complete them. They want someone who would spend a lot of time with them and basically give them the life that they believe they can’t achieve on their own.

Unfortunately, this belief that a romantic partner can be a source of purpose, meaning, and a fulfilling life leads to a lot of drama and disappointments. The main reason is that a romantic partner cannot create a life for another person, nor can give someone a sense of self-worth or identity.

How Can Therapy Help with Loneliness and Anxiety?

Therapy can be a transformative tool for someone who is struggling with feelings of unlovability and the belief that they don’t have a fulfilling life. Through in-person or online therapy sessions in Singapore, you’ll find your own center and purpose, allowing you to cultivate the love and relationships you desire. Also, seeking counseling for anxiety in Singapore helps you address loneliness by teaching you how to manage your feelings effectively. Through therapy, you’ll learn to discover and appreciate your self-identity and self-worth, helping you overcome the need for constant validation from others.

Learning how to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship requires a person to be a fully formed grown-up with the ability to self-regulate. You must know how to set healthy boundaries, understand what you want, and respect other people’s wishes.

Journey to Self-Discovery Begins with Therapy

Are you eager to address your relationship skills, learn self-soothing techniques, and embark on a journey of self-discovery? Connect with an individual counselor for anxiety and depression in Singapore at All in the Family Counselling. Our therapy sessions will support you in discovering your identity, understanding what you truly desire, and teaching you how to establish boundaries for healthy, fulfilling relationships. Start your journey to personal growth by reaching out to us via WhatsApp at +65 9030 7239.

Tammy Fontana

M.S., NCC, CTRT, USA Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist

Ms. Tammy Fontana brings her expertise to All in the Family Counselling, drawing from years of experience in individual and family therapy. She is a Nationally Certified Counsellor (NCC) in the USA, having passed the US National Counsellor EXAM. With specializations that include working with children and families, Ms. Fontana offers compassionate, tailored counseling services to help individuals and couples learn how to overcome trust issues in their relationships. What’s more, her approach is built on a foundation of clinical training and a dedication to empowering her clients.

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