Anger Impact

Is the expression of anger in your relationship a problem? Does your partner or you get so angry that
you feel threatened and unsafe? Do you often loose control or react with so much anger that it is
hurting your relationship? Do you often feel very sorry and bad after you have had outburst of anger at
your partner, but they are accepting less and less your apologies? In your relationship, are you struggling
with how to communicate and express to each other things you don’t like or are not happy with? Do
disagreements often result in huge conflict?

Communication issues around disagreements are a huge challenge for many couples. It is one of the
main responsibilities in a couple to learn how to handle the differences between the two people in order
to be able to merge their lives and live happily together. Unfortunately, due to no fault of their own,
many people do not learn how to do effective communication around conflict in order to resolution it.
Too often people end up yelling, screaming, threatening and disconnecting during times of conflict.
Learning how to manage differences is a key task in a relationship. Therapy helps people develop the
skills and tools needed to handle the differences in couple. In fact, one the key benefits of learning
better ways of managing your strong negative feelings and then learning effective ways to communicate
them is better intimacy and closeness. No amount of love will be able to overcome differences in a
couple. Instead, couples need to learn how to communicate, think and problem solve. All skills that
therapy can teach motivated individuals and couples.

Many people feel scared about coming into therapy because they don’t like the idea of needing help,
they don’t want to involve a stranger in their relationship, or they often wonder what a therapist could
possibly teach them. All these concerns are not unusual when one is considering therapy for the very
time, especially when you are in pain.

As a therapist, our role is not to pick sides or act as a judge a in person’s side. Our role is rather that of a
teacher or person to help you become more self-aware of how you are communicating, thinking and
behaving in a relationship and then helping you decide if what you are doing is effective in getting you
what you want. If it isn’t, we have many other ways for you see the situation, think about the situation
and see choices you may not have had. We teach people new skills that facilitate better communication
and understanding.

Therapy is a way to help people learn how to change their thinking, find new ways of being in control
and learning how to enjoy pleasurable things with their partner. We help couples learn how to
communicate more effective and find better ways to get and meet their needs and those of their
partner. If you would like to learn more about how therapy can help you, please contact All in the
Family Counseling Centre at +6590307239

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