Feelings are not weakness

Feelings are not weakness

Are you an executive who believes feelings are a weakness? Are you constantly dismissing feelings, often using logic to tell people why they shouldn’t feel what they feel? Are you getting angry and frustrated because you are hearing reports from your employees and managers about feelings of lack of productivity, lethargy, people not being motivated and being late with work. Does this produce a sense of powerlessness and frustration of how to motivate and keep your employees on track?

Are you confused why non-business and non-work-related issues are interrupting your employee’s focus on work? Are you at a loss of how to support your employees that have to homeschool their children during work hours? Are you struggling with out to redefine your expectations of work hours, productivity and motivation of your employees? Are you just out of your depth dealing with all this human dynamic and interpersonal issues of your employees that are affecting their work?

The prevailing (outdated) mentality was that the feelings are weakness. In reality, understanding how to work with your feelings is actually a strength and is like a superpower. The real cost comes in denying your feelings and denying people are emotional beings.

Often, I hear engineers, accountants, executives say they are logical, they don’t use their emotions. However, we are living in a world in which there are many, many emotions going on, often ones that consume us and prevent us from focusing on the task at hand, feelings such as anxiety about the future, lethargy, lack of productivity, lack of focus.

Relationship issues of your employees will distract your staff from their work. When people are not settled in their personal life it can come into work. Many people do not know or unable to compartmentalize their life in such a way as to not let personal things affect them at work. Now with the blurred lines of home and work, this becomes even more difficult. Executives will need to become more emotionally sophisticated to deal with a changing workforce. People are working longer and longer hours and cannot keep personal life issues out of professional work life.

The old way of motivating your employees with bonuses or threats may not work. Employees today are facing huge challenges of how to find space to work, manage their relationships at home and manage their children, while still trying to work and keep productivity on hand. At the same time they are dealing with overwhelming feelings.

As a company, you have a decision to make. In the past you would leave it up to employees to sort out their own emotional mental health issues. Many people don’t have health insurance and view mental health expenditures as a tax, rather than an investment. Many people wait until they have a crisis to address a building issue.

However, today, with the rapid change and the new requirements to work from home, can you as an executive allow your employees to make such decisions about their own mental health that are greatly impacting your business? As an executive, you can lead your people to see mental health as a personal investment in their career success.

Mental Health Tools employees need to be successful that Therapy Delivers:

  • Self-reflection and introspection
  • Ability to identify strong feelings and separate them from their action
  • Be aware of what they are feeling and how they are influencing them
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Strong Self soothing skills
  • Frustration tolerance
  • Ability to handle when things are not going the exact way you want
  • Ability to accept 3rd or 4th choice
  • To know when something is not about you and how to react
  • Be clear on what you want and to make sure it is realistic and that you know what you need to do to achieve it
  • Ability to stay grounded in reality
  • Mental awareness of negative self-talk

All in the Family Counseling has put together corporate packages to help executives rapidly address mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, planning home-work-life, managing children, addressing mental health challenges that will impact your business. Companies do not have the time to take courses, try and digest and implement, all of which can take weeks, if not months.

Instead, All in the Family Counseling has developed a strategic program that combines assessment, targeted interventions with individuals as well as group session deployment to rapidly address clients who need help and to make the changes necessary with the follow-up to assure accountability and implementation. We deal with predicting human behavior, identifying employees who will be disruptive to the process, who may be unable to focus, who lack the planning skills to set up a home office and develop a routine.

We will do this through a combination of individual assessment and group rollout. WE can build a custom mental health Employee-Company Assistance program that is targeted to your company’s need and will be effective.  If you would like to learn more of how we can help you please contact us at +6590307239.

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