Hardship rate help

We want to do our part to help those individuals and families who are facing economic difficulties due to the pandemic. All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd knows that people need help for mental health and relationships more than ever.

We have put together a slide scale program for highly motivated individuals or couples that want to do therapy but their budget may not be available for our regular rates. If you feel you are motivated and want help contact us to learn if you qualify for sliding scale therapy program.

Basic Criteria for Sliding Scale program:

  • Medical professionals or front-line individuals
  • You are working at reduced pay
  • You’ve been furloughed
  • You must be highly motived to do weekly sessions for a minimum of 3-6 consecutive sessions. We will work out with you a fee and determine a reasonable number based on your desired outcome.
  • You will be required to prepare before each session.
  • All sessions are done online via zoom or skype or whatsapp video
  • Session are conducted in English only and are all confidential

Issues We can help you with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lethargy and procrastination
  • Feelings of sadness, loss and grief
  • Difficulty adjusting to quarantine
  • Telecommuting Adjustment issues
  • Family Relationship issues
  • Adjustment issues due to the pandemic such as working from home, isolation, loneliness
  • You’ve been laid off or furlough
  • Parenting issues around planning and working with your partner
  • Communication Issues with your partner
  • Needing help to set up a schedule for work-home life
  • Dealing with a sick family member
  • Fear of change and the new world
  • Loss of sense of self

Contact us at tammy@allinthefamilycounselling.com or whatsapp us at +6590307239 to learn more and to see if qualify.

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