The need for individual counselling at a counselling centre in Singapore may be the result of a difficult life situation, challenges with significant relationships or the inability to find a solution for an individual’s problems. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis or know exactly what you want help on when contacting a counsellor. This is mainly because family therapy centres tend to use evidence-based therapeutic interventions to help adults who face depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Anger problems, frustration, compulsive eating, masturbating, anxiety, depression and self-harm can be symptoms of being unhappy. Mentally healthy people don’t accept unhappiness but rather see it as a warning sign that something needs to change, and a person may choose to enlist the help of a professionally trained counsellor for their individual counselling sessions. Additionally, individual counselling can help a person look inward to see what needs to change, find solutions and build skills to address their problem. Psychotherapists can also provide practical, concrete help so that even after one session, most clients will feel better and have more hope.

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Who Can Benefit from Individual Counselling?

Individual counselling offers a compassionate and understanding space for those feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Here are common reasons why one’s well-being may be negatively affected:

  • Having problems with family, friends, or romantic partner
  • A history of childhood trauma or abuse
  • Difficulties finding and keeping friends and/or maintaining relationships
  • Low moods accompanied by negative feelings such as helplessness, emptiness, and/or lack of motivation
  • Experiencing tightness in the chest or feeling fearful of certain situations and environments
  • Fear of contamination or intrusive thoughts
  • Facing stress at work or at home, feeling burnt out
  • Struggling with chronic pain
  • Dealing with grief
  • Being or having a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy or counselling is a personalised form of mental health therapy, focusing on one-on-one interactions between a private counsellor and a client. It provides a confidential setting where individuals can explore their feelings, understand past traumas, and develop strategies to manage symptoms or triggers. 

During individual therapy sessions, the counsellor will work to establish clear therapeutic goals with the primary aim of fostering a mentally and emotionally healthier life for their clients. They give clients a safe space to express and work through their issues, ensuring a respectful and non-judgmental approach that fosters healing and growth.

Types of Individual Counselling in Singapore

Individual counselling encompasses various therapeutic approaches tailored to address personal challenges and promote emotional well-being. Here are some of the different ways to receive individual counselling services, depending on your needs and preferences:

  • Video Call: Engage in a face-to-face online therapy session from the comfort of your own space, providing convenience while maintaining a personal connection.
  • Phone Call: Ideal for those who prefer audio communication or require more flexibility, phone counselling ensures privacy and ease of access.
  • In-Person: Traditional face-to-face sessions in a counsellor’s private office provide a dedicated, safe environment for in-depth counselling.

How Individual Counselling Services Can Benefit You

Individual therapy aims to empower you to achieve a state of emotional well-being and happiness, regardless of the life stage you are navigating. While confiding in loved ones is a valid approach to addressing mental well-being challenges, seeking help from a trained private counsellor often yields even better results, especially for family counselling issues. They can offer impartial and specialised support and guidance that friends and family are not equipped to provide.

A private counsellor can help give you the skills and tools to regain internal control, stop blaming others and help you find your path to happiness. They are trained in providing counselling for anxiety and depression in Singapore and/or abroad through online therapy sessions. With their experience and knowledge, they can help you stop self-defeating patterns and improve important relationships.

A common misconception is that individual counselling services are only necessary for those diagnosed with mental disorders. Although individuals with such conditions should consult therapists regularly, anyone can benefit from the insights of a private counsellor and personal therapy. Counselling is a supportive tool for anyone, at any life stage, facing any number of life’s hurdles, from stressful relationship dynamics to dealing with grief. The doors are open to all seeking to break free from self-defeating cycles and foster a healthier mindset.

What to Expect on Your First Individual Counselling

After scheduling an appointment with your private counsellor, you will be sent an assessment form to fill out. The form will ask for your personal and medical information, as well as the reasons behind your decision to pursue counselling. This information is crucial in laying the groundwork for your counselling journey.

The Initial Assessment Meeting

The next step in the individual counselling process is the initial assessment meeting. Here, your counsellor will collaborate with you to pinpoint your counselling goals. This session is pivotal in shaping the trajectory of your future sessions and ensuring they are tailored to your specific needs.

Establishing Goals

With your aims clearly defined, your counsellor will engage in a reflective dialogue. By echoing your thoughts back to you, they facilitate a shift in perspective, allowing you to see your situation through a different lens.

Reflection and Evaluation

This interactive process enables you to scrutinise your beliefs, behaviours, and thoughts critically. Your therapist guides you through this introspection, empowering you to determine your next steps towards personal growth and healing.

Know that individual counselling is a collaborative process between you and the therapist. We are genuinely invested in understanding your worries and offer a top-tier level of private care.

To learn more about what happens during individual counselling sessions and how change occurs, please read our informative article on Demystifying the Process of Change in Counselling.

Certified Individual Counsellor in Singapore

M.S., NCC, CTRT, USA Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist

Ms. Tammy Fontana, offers her expertise in individual counselling, drawing upon a foundation of clinical training and an impressive eight-year counselling career. Her specialisation in working with children and families underscores her comprehensive approach to fostering lasting change in the community.

Her experience in the field of counselling includes significant roles at distinguished organisations such as, Alife, The Star Shelter, Singapore Anti-Narcotic Association, and Simei Health Care. Moreover, she engages in intensive child-client treatment within residential care, facilitated by her close collaboration with MCYS.

Notably, Ms. Fontana’s dedication and expertise have been recognised through her passage of the US National Counsellor EXAM (NCE), earning her the esteemed title of a Nationally Certified Counsellor (NCC) in the USA. She also successfully completed her 3000-hour clinical practicum and internship under the seasoned guidance of a senior US licensed Counsellor (LPC).

Currently, she holds an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from the esteemed Capella University, an institution approved by The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programmes (CACREP). Her journey is one of empowerment, education, and a heartfelt desire to catalyse positive change. With her, clients find a compassionate partner, a skilled guide, and an unwavering advocate on their path toward well-being and growth.

Navigate Life’s Challenges with Individual Counselling

Regardless of your concern, individual counselling services can provide useful support and help frame your experiences, thoughts and feelings using the therapeutic process. Engaging in this guided exploration can lead to significant insights and foster personal growth, equipping you with the tools to navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Individual Counselling in Singapore

How is private counselling conducted?

Private counselling can take place in-office at a centre in Singapore or through a video conferencing platform if you prefer online counselling. During sessions, you’ll engage in conversations with a professional counsellor, who will help you explore your thoughts, emotions, and challenges. The counsellor will then employ various therapeutic techniques to assist you in understanding and addressing your concerns effectively.

Will what I share in the individual counselling session be kept confidential?

Yes, what you discuss in sessions is kept private between you and the counsellor. A professional counsellor is bound by ethical and legal guidelines to maintain confidentiality unless there’s a risk of harm to you or others. Additionally, the counsellor believes in upholding the trust established between both of you, so you will always have a secure space to share your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own. Aren’t people who go to therapy weak?

No. Going to therapy can be the first step towards enhancing your overall well-being. Everyone faces challenges, and reaching out for help demonstrates your courage to identify and address these challenges constructively.

How long is each session?

Individual counselling sessions typically last around 50 to 100 minutes. This time frame allows for meaningful discussions while also ensuring that you have sufficient time to process your thoughts and work collaboratively with your counsellor.

How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?

During individual counselling sessions, you’ll engage in open conversations with your private counsellor. All you have to do is be honest and open with your thoughts and feelings. Your counsellor will listen, ask questions, and guide you in exploring your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. You and your counsellor work together to set goals and address challenges, which may sometimes involve practising certain techniques outside the sessions.

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