Moving On

Were you in a relationship that abruptly ended? Has your relationship ended many months ago and yet you are finding it difficult to move on? Are you fixated on your partner, stalking them on social media and internet, wondering what they are doing? Do you often find yourself obsessing over them and just not able to get on? Are friends and family tired of talking about this relationship that ended? Are you confused and distressed that you are not able to move on?

Many times the reasons why people have difficulties moving on from a relationship that ended is because certain aspects of their life are not developed. A relationship or the fantasy or idea of a relationship or a romantic partner can help distract us from areas of our life that are not resolved or settled. When people cannot get over a relationship it is often resulting from the fact that they have issues around emotional regulation, developing a healthy sense of self and self-esteem and knowing how to emotionally fulfill themselves.

Oftentimes, people are really bored lacking direction or purpose and therefore they want a relationship to solve this. This puts huge pressure on the relationship and can lead to idealization of a partner that will soon be met with the reality of the person and disillusionment. Many times people may describe themselves as a people pleaser and seeking of people pleasing behaviours to try and create the relationship doing everything that their partner wants, only to find that the person leaves very quickly and then they are left alone to start again.

If you are having a hard time getting over a relationship and you have a repeated pattern of entering into relationships that are very intense, go for a while and then abruptly end, this can be exhausting and really have an impact to your self-esteem and self-worth. Therapy helps develop people so that they can learn who they are and learn how to meet their own needs, develop healthy boundaries and communication, so that you can finally enter into the relationship that you want. You need to heal yourself and be a healthy, fully individualized person in order to enter into  a relationship. If you are tired of having repeated patterns of failed relationships, of painful sufferation from relationships, contact us to learn how we can help you.

We provide thoughtfully taylored confidential education classes. We realize not everyone is ready for therapy. Visit our website to learn about these:

All In The Family Counselling Center has extensive experience in working with individuals who have relationship issues, low self esteem, depression, anxiety. All In The Family Counselling provides individual and couple therapy. We provide intensives and retreats to our clients and in between therapy we have our portal in which we help people, support them and get education in between therapy. All In The Family Counselling is one of the oldest therapy centers in Southeast Asia and Thailand. We have been providing therapy for just under two decades. We are used to working with difficult cases for individuals and couples. Contact us to learn how we can help you!

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