Sex in Relationships

Is Sex Important in a committed relationship?

Are you someone in a relationship, that both agreed was exclusive and monogamous, but your partner doesn’t want to have sex? Or they want sex at much less level than you do and you are frustrated but don’t want to cheat? Is your partner who wants less sex unwilling to discuss your sex life and how to improve it? Does this leave you feeling angry and resentful? Are you frustrated and not sure what to do?

First off, yes sex is IMPORTANT in a relationship. This is why people often contract for exclusivity. However, over time, various things can impact the relationship that will impact how much sex people want to have in the relationship.

The most frustrating thing is that when there is a mismatch and more frustrating is when the two people cannot discuss it in a productive way.

This is a common challenge almost all couples face. However to keep their sex life interesting and enjoyable the longer they are together.

Do you feel comfortable talking about sex and what it means to you? If not, don’t be surprised, most people don’t

Therapy helps people develop the skills and knowledge to think like adults about sex.  How to learn to express what they want to feel from sex and how to cooperatively work together to build an exciting sex life that both people can enjoy.

Many people still think about sex the same way they thought about when they were teenagers. However, adult sex, in adult lives and relationships requires a different attiude thought and approach.

Most people don’t evolve their thinking about sex and sexuality. This makes discussing it difficult and often leads to problem talking and blaming.

If you want sex in your relationship but need help discussing it to improve it, I can help you. If you want to learn how to create time and space in your relationship for more sex, I can help you. If you want to get more compatible with your partner sexually, I can help you.

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