Creating US in Marriage, Part 3 of 3

Creating US in Marriage, Part 3 of 3

This workshop is a part of a 3-part Building a Marriage that can beat the Odds series. This workshop is tying together all the communication tools and concepts to help couples learn how to do healthy conflict and build win-win relationships. Ideally to attend this workshop it is best if you attended either the first or 2nd workshop. You can attend this workshop without the 2 workshop and still gain benefit.

Globally marriages have a 50% failure rate by year 7, 2ndmarriages have a 70% failure rate. People do not learn the skills they need to be successful at marriage and therefore marriage is our least successful adult relationship and also are most costly to our health, our financial well-being and the child it produces when it doesn’t go well. No one would get on an airplane with a 50% chance of surviving the trip, and yet people jump into marriage figuring it will work out.


Prevention is the best cure when it comes to marriage. Couples will benefit from learning effective couples the skills they’ll need to maintain their current happy relationship. Marriage is a high cost endeavor in which you are making a decision today that you will have to live with for the next 30 to 50 years. This decision has huge implication for your personal, financial and career goals. You will need effective communication, conflict resolutions skills and unified platform for both people to be happy and want to choose the relationship day in and day.


This workshop is giving couples that in a good place the skills to keep them there. Too often couples wait until they are unhappy before seeking help through marriage counselling. Learning the skills you need before problems happen ensure you success. All couples will face difficulties, conflicts and disagreements, successful marriage prepare for this and know how to do it effectively. This course will give you those skills.


This 2 hour work will be pulling together all the knowledge they learned in the conscious communications workshop and the concepts of marriage and teach couples how to do win-win negotiations to create healthy merging. A key task of marriage is learning how to merge everyone wants into 1 one want that both people are enthusiastic and excited for.


Topics Covered:

  • What are we creating together by getting married
  • How to build an “US”
  • How to do healthy WIN-WIN solutions not compromising by giving in
  • Further refining your newly learned communication skills to  build an US
  • Defining our Relationship contracts:
  • What is monogamy in our relationship
  • What constitutes a betrayal in our relationship for;
  • Child planning
  • Infidelity
  • Money
  • How will we define time together, time apart, time with the in-laws
  • Learn how to discuss money
  • Target Audience
  • Couples thinking about or planning to get married
  • People in a long term relationship and want help to get better at doing their relationship
  • Couples in the honeymoon period of the marriage
  • Any married person wanting to learn about effective marriage skills


Speaker Profile: Tammy M. Fontana, Lead Relationship Therapist, MS NCC CTRT. See her Profile

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Location of Talk: 55 Market Street, Level 10. Next the Bank of Singapore Building in the heart of the CDB. The workshop location is a 3 minute walk from the Raffles Place MRT.


Date: April 10, 2014


Start and end Time:

Start time is 6:30pm

End time: 8:30pm

Snack: light snacks and coffee and water provided. Please feel free to bring food. There are restaurants nearby you go to after the workshop


Cost: Please note this is one talk in a series of 3 talks you can purchase just 1 talk at a time as a standalone or get a 20% discount if you purchase all 3 talks up front. Either way, each talk is full of practical relationship information


Individual Single ticket: $80

Engaged, committed or married couple: $150

Series of 3 talks Purchase in advance: $360

Other Workshops in the Series

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Individual Attendee: $80


Couple : $150


Series of 3 Talks purchased in advance : $360

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