Gift of good sleep

What a wonderful gift it is to give when you can provide new parents the gift of knowledge that will lead to happy and healthy sleep habits.

Almost immediately after a baby is born, many parents start the process of worrying about forming bad sleep habits. However, most knowledge that a parent has about sleep is from other parents, bits and pieces here or there or information they can pull together from the internet or books.

Often this information is incomplete and sometimes just plain inaccurate.  At some point every parent faces a dilemma with their child’s sleep. But what would it mean if you gave them an accurate evidence base knowledge so that they might avoid a lot of sleep problems or be able to spot them and correct the problem before it becomes unmanageable. This is what our baby sleep consultations do for parents.

The consultation

A 90 minute sleep consultation, in our office or via skype, will provide the new parents with evidence based information about brain function and child development and sleep. We educate parents how sleep changes over the next 3 years and give parents the skills, knowledge and tools to manage these changes. We provide parents with an action plan to help them manage naps, bedtimes and how to troubleshoot problems. Lastly, we tackle many common sleep myths that can be the root of bad sleep habits.


The sleep consultation is done by a trained counselor with her Master’s degree from a US accredited university. Our therapist has been doing sleep consultation for over 6 years helping families around the world.

If you’d like to purchase a sleep consultation gift certificate just purchase below via paypal or your credit card. Once your certificate is purchased you’ll receive an email asking for the new parents name and we’ll email the gift certificate to you or we’ll email it to the new parents on your behalf.

Sleep Consultation Gift Certificate: 

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