All in the Family Counselling Centre wants to help those who want to improve the quality of their life and relationships. For those people who truly desire change and a better life, we provide individuals, couples and families the opportunity to grow and heal through customized intensives and retreats.

Changing beliefs and patterns of behaviors that have been established over decades, or since our childhood takes an enormous effort and commitment on the part of the client and their therapist.

We take our clients healing and development seriously and developed our retreats for those individuals and couples that want to stop InterTrans generational trauma and heal. Our retreats are designed to create life experiences that heal through integrating experiences using the healing power of nature, outdoor activities, dance, art, food and culture. Our retreats are held in the beautiful and historic city of Pula Croatia.

Each year we provide group retreats for individuals and couples. We will posting our dates of our retreats on our website here. Please visit our website or email us at to get on to our mailing list.

We have cultivated a professional staff to provide high-end mental health care support on our retreats. We have developed extensive relationships with various providers of services to ensure our clients the utmost care and positive healing life experience.

Our retreats address issues around self-worth and identity. We address anxiety, depression, boredom and lack of self-esteem. For couples we address issues related to intimacy, conflict, connection and help to improve communication.

We also provide individual customized retreats for individuals or couples that do not want to participate in group retreats. We can develop these for those individuals and build targeted outcomes.

Our other program is the recovery retreats. These are long term residential care for a minimum of 14 days to 30 plus days. These programs are for individuals in deep crisis that need to be secluded form the stress of life and work intensively on healing themselves.

Another program we offer individuals Healing Holiday for individuals for couples. These are custom designed programs to help people to heal and grow and advance their therapy work. These programs are developed for travel in Croatia, Poland and Finland.

To participate in a retreat please contact us via WhatsApp at +6590307239 or email us at

Who Should Attend:

  • Survivor of Cancer and wanting to reconnect to your body and life
  • Change of life from job loss, marriage ending
  • Anyone who wants to learn to like and accept him/herself
  • Death of a significant person
  • Challenges with boundaries
  • Parenting Issues that you want to address, become a better parent
  • Anyone who wants to be a better partner or spouse
  • Reoccurring issues around low self-esteem, depression, anxiety
  • History of poor relationships
  • Compulsive behaviors

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