Marriage Counsellor & Couples Counselling in Singapore

Having Relationship Troubles with Your Partner?

Couples, whether married or in a committed relationship, can benefit from marriage counselling. If you’re experiencing trouble in your relationship, consulting an experienced marriage counsellor or therapist in Singapore can glean insight that helps resolve relationship conflicts, increase sexual intimacy, improve emotional intimacy, and strengthen communication. 

Our long-term relationship and marital counselling services, integrated with the theories and methodologies of Dr. Gottman on Choice Theory and Attachment Theory, are focused on helping you develop the skills to create a healthy, flourishing relationship. 

With our therapies, you will be able to observe small yet effective changes in your relationship in a short period of time. Based on our experience, our marriage counselling services will only require 4-6 sessions, with some cases requiring more to increase the couple’s functionality and to improve communication skills — in these situations, our marriage counsellors in Singapore will be sure to guide you through your subsequent sessions of relationship counselling.

How Couples Counselling Can Help

Pre-marriage relationship counselling helps couples clarify and define a common relationship foundation for making relationship goals and decisions. The counselling process imparts evergreen techniques to address common issues faced in relationships, such as managing and communicating expectations and conflict resolution. Couples will also learn to understand the impact their imposed perceptions of themselves and each other can have on the relationship.

Our clients in Singapore have benefited from marriage communication skills that have helped them avoid common negative relationship traps. The marital counselling services at All In The Family are provided by a certified Choice Theory therapist who has completed marriage counselling training with Dr. Gottman from the Gottman’s Institute, which is renowned for its marriage counsellor and leading relationship researchers.

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Common Reasons Singaporean Couples Seek Marriage Counselling

In Singapore, couples often seek marriage counselling for various reasons, each unique to their relationship’s dynamics and challenges. These reasons range from dealing with the aftermath of infidelity to navigating day-to-day conflicts and misunderstandings. Counselling provides a platform for couples to address these issues constructively, fostering healthier communication and deeper understanding between partners.

  • Infidelity
  • Communication (or lack thereof)
  • Emotional Distance
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Mismatch of Expectations
  • Financial Issues
  • Childrearing or Parenting Conflicts
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Boredom In The Relationship
  • Trust Issues

Marital Counselling Services for Sex & Intimacy Problems

One of the reasons couples seek counselling for marriage problems in Singapore is due to issues surrounding sex and intimacy. These two terms may seem similar but can be understood differently between partners. This gap in mutual understanding may lead to different expectations of sex and intimacy in marriages. Other factors that may lead to sex and intimacy issues include childbearing, work stress and even religious beliefs. We provide a comprehensive explanation of these issues and find solutions through our couples counselling and sex therapy sessions in Singapore.

Importance of Couples Counselling Before & After Marriage

In Singapore, our marriage counselling services extend not just to couples who have already been married for some time but also to those who are about to tie the knot or have recently done so. These pre-marriage counselling sessions help equip soon-to-be wedded couples and newlyweds with relationship skills that will lay the groundwork for a successful marriage. A strong marriage requires a good relationship, strong communication skills, and a smooth and painless means of conflict resolution – we can help grow these with our pre-marriage and post-marital counselling services.

When unmarried couples are in love, it is very easy to overlook nascent issues that show signs of eventual problems. While planning to get married, no one wants to think about future problems in communication, sexual intimacy, or conflict. However, a mature approach to marriage is to realise that love can only sustain a relationship so far and that a successful marriage hinges on a couple’s ability to manage their differences successfully. Couples who have yet to marry need effective communication skills to ensure a happy marriage, and a good marriage counsellor can ensure these.

Our marriage counsellor will teach you how to satisfy the needs of each person in a relationship. Unlike most therapy sessions that just show your incompatibility, the couples counselling services we provide in Singapore and online for couples residing overseas will teach you effective skills to manage expectations, conflict, and communication.

Various Reasons Couples Seek Counselling Before and After Marriage

There are various reasons why couples seek counselling before and after getting married. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Before MarriageAfter Marriage
Aligning expectations toward marriageFrequent arguments and conflict
Communication stylesProblems arising from a big life transition
Identify and establish boundariesLack of physical and emotional intimacy
Conflict resolutionDifferences in lifestyle choices
Understanding attachment styles and love languages

Marriage Counsellor

Tammy Fontana

Ms. Fontana draws upon her clinical training, eight years of experience in counselling, and fifteen years of professional experience in sales with Fortune 1000 companies in the United States to provide insightful individual counselling and couples therapy. With specialised training to work with children and their families, she dedicates herself to improving the lives of others through well-researched interventions.

When Should I Go For Marriage Counselling In Singapore?

Even when couples face doubts in their marriage or relationship, they may hesitate to go for couples counselling until it’s too late and the relationship has fully broken down beyond repair or hurtful things have been said. Couples don’t need to face ultimatums such as separation or divorce before going for relationship counselling. Here are some of the situations where couples counselling could strengthen and repair the bond and trust between you and your partner:

Communication Breakdown: Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. When couples find it challenging to communicate, it can lead to misunderstandings and feelings of isolation. A marriage counsellor can offer techniques and strategies to improve communication skills, ensuring both partners feel heard and understood. 

Frequent Arguments: It’s natural for couples to have disagreements. However, it might indicate deeper underlying issues if you find yourselves fighting over trivial matters frequently. Couples counselling can help identify the root causes of these frequent disagreements and learn more effective conflict-resolution strategies.

Emotional Distance: When partners feel more apart from each other than together, it’s a glaring problem in your relationship. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to address this emotional distance that will continue to grow. Marriage counselling provides a safe space for couples to explore these feelings and find ways to reconnect.

Infidelity: An extramarital affair can shake the foundation of a relationship to its core, and repairing the trust after these feelings of betrayal and confusion will be no easy task. With professional counselling, couples can navigate the complex emotions involved and work on rebuilding trust and reconciliation.

What To Expect At Our Marriage Counselling Services?

Choosing to attend marriage counselling services is a commendable step towards nurturing, strengthening, or even saving your relationship. At All in the Family, we understand that this decision may come with anxiety and uncertainty, along with feelings of guilt, shame, or taboo. However, the desire to rebuild your relationship can outweigh these negative sentiments. Let’s shed light on what you can expect during our marriage counselling sessions in Singapore to further alleviate these feelings and fears.

Understanding the History of the Relationship: Every love story is unique, and understanding its roots and journey is vital. During the initial marriage counselling sessions, our qualified marriage counsellor will delve into the timeline of your relationship. By exploring significant milestones, shared experiences, and moments of equal parts joy and conflict, we can gain a comprehensive perspective on the events that transpired that led to the present-day situation. This allows us to address the relationship’s dynamics and the patterns that may have contributed to current challenges.

Identifying the Stressor of the Relationship: Often, couples can feel overwhelmed by a plethora of issues without being able to pinpoint the main stressor. Through our counselling for marriage problems in Singapore, we work collaboratively to identify these stress points. Whether it’s financial concerns, trust issues, or communication breakdowns, recognising these primary stressors can significantly move your counselling forward. This targeted approach ensures that we’re addressing the root cause rather than just the symptoms of discord.

Overcoming the Conflicting Points: Disagreements are a natural aspect of any relationship. However, unresolved, they can quickly snowball into major points of conflict and deep-seated resentment, further disrupting love, intimacy, and communication. During our relationship counselling sessions, couples are provided with effective tools and strategies to navigate these contentious issues. By promoting open communication, empathy, and mutual respect, couples can find common ground and resolve these conflicting points. Instead of avoiding challenging topics, couples are empowered to face them head-on, fostering growth and understanding.

Setting Agreements and Achieving Closure: For many couples, closure on past grievances and a clear path forward are vital. As part of our comprehensive marriage counselling approach, we work with couples to set clear agreements, boundaries, and expectations. These agreements are tailored to each couple’s needs, ensuring both partners feel valued, heard, and understood. With these agreements, couples can move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Our marital counselling sessions at All in the Family are designed to provide a holistic approach to relationship healing and strengthening. By understanding your shared history, identifying primary stressors, addressing points of conflict, and establishing clear agreements, we aim to offer couples the best chance at a harmonious and fulfilling relationship moving forward. Our dedication is to support, guide, and empower couples every step of the way, ensuring that love, understanding, and mutual respect remain at the heart of every session. If you’re considering marriage counselling in Singapore, know we’re here to assist, uplift, and guide you towards a brighter relational future.

Seek Marriage Counselling Services in Singapore

Book an appointment with our marriage counsellor for couple and marital counselling services in Singapore, and we’ll help you frame therapy goals and outcomes and what that would look like to achieve it. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out how we can help you by calling 9030 7239 or email us.

FAQ on Marital & Couples Counselling

What is the success rate of marriage counselling?

The success rate of marriage counselling varies widely based on individual circumstances, the counsellor’s expertise, the dedication of the couples involved, and the couple’s desired end goals for therapy. While there isn’t a universal percentage, many couples experience significant improvements in communication, understanding, and overall relationship satisfaction after undergoing therapy. The ultimate success often hinges on the couple’s genuine commitment to the process, willingness to embrace change and consistent effort in applying the strategies and insights gained during the sessions.

Does marriage counselling have to be in person?

We offer in-person and online counselling options to best suit your and your partner’s needs. Our online relationship and marriage counselling sessions are ideal for couples and individuals with busy schedules. Perhaps your work requires you to travel frequently, or you need flexibility in scheduling for any other reason. Sessions will be conducted via Skype or WhatsApp video calls for further convenience, and you can speak to our therapists online even if you’re not in Singapore right now.

Should I attend the marriage counselling alone or with my partner?

You can attend our marital counselling services alone or with a partner, depending on the circumstances the situation calls for. If both parties are interested in attending couples counselling, we recommend attending together to make the most out of your sessions and build a meaningful dialogue with each other.

Who can couples counselling benefit?

Couples counselling is suitable for partners who face a range of relationship challenges or seek to strengthen their bond. Whether it’s communication difficulties, emotional distance, trust concerns, or managing life changes together, counselling offers a supportive space to address and resolve these matters. It’s beneficial for any couple looking to enhance their relationship and navigate difficulties collaboratively.

What are the signs that my partner and I should attend marriage counselling?

If you and your partner are experiencing any of the following signs in your relationship, you might be seeing clear indicators that your relationship may benefit from professional guidance. Consider marriage counselling if the following seem like they are happening in your relationship:

  • Communication Breakdown
  • Frequent Arguments
  • Emotional Distance
  • Infidelity

What can I do if my partner does not want to go for couples counselling?

If your partner is not interested in attending counselling but you are, attending the sessions alone could still help you dive into the deeper issues surrounding your marriage or relationship. By attending solo sessions, you are still putting in the work to improve half of the relationship and who you are as a person and partner. It is also possible that your partner’s behaviour will change upon seeing you attend counselling sessions on your own, but this is not guaranteed and will vary depending on the individual.

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