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Seeking professional counselling services for individual counselling or couple counselling services is hard but when you are an expat in a foreign country it can be even more daunting.

It’s important to feel confident in selecting a professionally-trained counsellor whose credentials and training have been validated in a country where counselling practices, procedure and research are very well established. Many expats in Singapore will seek out an expat counsellor for their individual and couple counselling needs because of a familiarity with cultural issues but also because they are familiar with the rigor of training an expat counsellor will receive in their country of origin.

Qualified Counsellor to Expatriates in Singapore

By selecting an Expat Counsellor who has training and qualifications from the United States of America (USA) a client can feel confident in that therapist’s training and education. The USA is recognised throughout the world as having some of the highest standards in clinical research and training because of the maturity of the counselling profession.

A US-trained Mental Health Counsellor is a distinct profession with National standards in the United States for education, training, and clinical practice. It is a legally protected term in the United States that indicates a Master’s Degree, on-site supervised clinical internship, specialized training, diagnostic skills and theoretical proficiency.

Graduate education and clinical training prepares US-trained Mental Health Counsellors to provide a full range of services including individual counselling, marriage counselling, children’s counselling, family counselling, and even counselling solutions for corporate entities. In addition, a US-trained clinician that has been trained by a CACREP approved university has been trained to meet nationally high academic standards and clinical skills that include psychopathology, DSM diagnosis, theories of personality, assessments and human and child development.

Mental Health Counsellors practise in a variety of settings, including independent practice, community agencies, managed behavioural health care organisations, integrated delivery systems, hospitals, employee assistance programs and compulsive behavior treatment centers.

As highly skilled professionals, your US-trained Expat Counsellor will provide a full range of services including assessment and diagnosis, psychotherapy, treatment planning and utilisation review. In addition, US trained Expat Counsellors can provide alcoholism and compulsive behavior treatment, psychoeducational and prevention programs, and crisis management services. In today’s environment, US-trained Mental Health Counsellors are uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of providing high-quality care in a cost-effective manner.

US-trained Expat Counsellors provide flexible, consumer-oriented therapy. They combine traditional psychotherapy with a practical problem-solving approach that creates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution.

How our Expat Counsellor can Help You

Adjusting to life in a new country, away from familiar surroundings, can be anxiety-inducing and intimidating. Many expatriates in Singapore grapple with mental health issues ranging from mild adjustment disorders to more complex emotional challenges. Our Expat Counsellor is uniquely equipped to address the specific issues you might face as an expat in Singapore, such as:

  • Cultural Adjustments: Moving to a foreign land means adapting to a new culture, which can lead to feelings of isolation or miscommunication. Our Expat Counsellor understands the intricacies of these cultural differences and provides guidance in navigating them.
  • Social Isolation: Being away from close-knit communities and family structures often intensifies feelings of loneliness. We provide coping mechanisms to handle this isolation, assisting you in building new social circles.
  • Professional Challenges: Understandably, establishing oneself in a new professional environment is challenging. One of our Expat Counsellor’s expertise lies in addressing workplace-related stressors, ensuring you find a balance in your professional life.
  • Family and Relationship Concerns: Relocating can strain family bonds or romantic relationships. We offer relationship advice tailored to the unique challenges faced by expats, ensuring harmony in personal relationships.

By addressing these concerns and more, our Expat Counsellor aids in ensuring your transition to life in Singapore is smooth and fulfilling. Whether you’re struggling with cultural shock or seeking strategies to maintain connections with loved ones from afar, we’re here to support you.

Verification of Credentials

In Singapore, there are no licensing bodies to provide a standard level of competency in the field of professional counselling. Therefore, your US-trained Expat Mental Health Counsellors must pass the National Counselling Exam to become certified as an Expat Counsellor in Singapore.

For your peace of mind, it is also important to verify your US-trained counsellor’s standing and training by checking if they are registered with the US’s National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). You can go to the NBCC Certification Verification Directory and type in our Counsellor’s last name: FONTANA, to see her credentials.

By selecting our expat counsellor in Singapore for help with your individual or relationship needs you can be assured of professional and effective treatment.

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Through an initial consultation with our expat counsellor in Singapore, we will help you frame goals and outcomes of therapy and what that would look like to achieve it. We offer in-person and online therapy services in Singapore to best suit your needs and schedule.

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