Anxiety and depression

Fear Of Failure

Are you afraid of failure? Does the fear of failure cripple you and make it impossible for you to make […]


Do you have an extreme fear of failure? Does your fear of failure often lead you to procrastinate? Does your […]

Imposter syndrome ED

Are you filled with a lot of anxiety about your abilities? Do you feel like you have imposter syndrome? Are […]

Afraid to be single and alone

Are you afraid to be single? Do you think being single is the same as being alone? Are you afraid […]

Waking up with anxiety

Do you wake up in the morning with overwhelming anxiety? Even before your day starts, are you filled with dread? […]

Anxiety and virus uncertainty

Are you an individual or a couple who is facing uncertainty due to the Covid-19 virus? Has the virus interrupted […]

Feeling like a Fraud

Do you feel like a fraud at times? Do you feel like a fraud at work? Maybe you feel like […]

Can’t sleep? It’s more likely an anxiety issue than a sleep issue.

Did you find this article because you are up late at night and cannot sleep? Are you suffering from regular […]

Accepting Reality

When describing your partner do you usually start of by saying something like: “S/he is really wonderful, but they will […]

How you define the problem may ensure that you never fix it

What would it mean to your relationship with your parent, spouse, child or employee if how you defined the problem […]

Childhood Triggers: Managing

Anger Management or Overwhelmed because of childhood Triggers Do you find that you are a successful competent adult with a […]

Rethinking Depression

A new way to look at Depression From the theoretical orientation of Dr. William Glasser, founder of Choice Theory Reality […]

Holistic Depression

Dealing with Depression: From a holistic point of view The term depression is batted about very freely by the population […]

Anxiety’s Message

Anxiety Attacks: What is your anxiety trying to tell Are you battling anxiety? Do you find that out of no […]

When Emotional Paralysis Strikes You

Emotional Paralysis Strikes You While Trying to Live Out Your Day Does the thought of going to work produce anxiety […]

Can’t Enjoy Good Times?

Why Can’t I Enjoy Good Times? Anxiety Strikes Have you found yourself having a day or two or three of […]


Anxiety, a prevalent issue in Singapore’s fast-paced society, can significantly hamper daily life, making routine tasks and decisions feel insurmountable. […]

ADHD Myths

ADHD, ADD Overdiagnosis and myth of chemical imbalance The author sees that there are many factors contributing to the over […]

Drinking Problem?

Do I Have a Drinking Problem? People drink for all sorts of reason. Some reasons are to socialize, celebrate and […]

Why Anxiety Tips Don’t Work (but Counselling Does)

Anxiety is a common problem for many people and is often exacerbated in times of instability. Singapore is currently facing […]

Managing the Anxiety of the Unknown

Singapore Economic Downturn: Managing the Stress and Anxiety of the Unknown The economic downturn is hitting Singapore in a significant […]