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Dear friends, in this difficult time the need for mental health and care is more vital than ever.

That is why we are providing access to our portal ( for this period to help those facing challenging mental healthtimes in quarantine and stay home notice.

If you’d like complimentary access to our portal on topics related to feelings, crisis management, relationships, boundaries and other topics please whatsapp +6590307239 with your first and last name and email address to get a temporary pass to our portal.


Also please use our professionaly made relaxation audios which were created by our partners dr. Denisa Legac and dr. Michele Modenese, whom we warmheartedly thank for this support to our friends.


Dr. Denisa Legac audios – on english and german

Dr. Legac: Relaxation audio 1

Dr. Legac: Relaxation audio 2

Dr. Legac: Relaxation audio 3

Dr. Legac: Relaxation audio 4

NEWLY ADDED material by Dr. Legac:

Dr. Legac: Relaxation audio 5

Dr. Legac: Relaxation audio 6

Video materials by Ms Tammy Fontana

Denial, what is it, how it works and why you should stop it

Helping Company CEOs and Managers to transition their employees to telecommuting

Dr. Michele Modenese

Dr. Modenese: Relaxation audio 1

Dr. Modenese: Relaxation audio 2

We have also provided these two great interviews with Dr. Klein and Dr. Legac

Dealing With Our Emotions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dealing with feelings of adjusting to life with coronavirus

And definitely stop here to take a look at these two great YouTube videos about COVID-19


Sex and the Coronovirus

Since everyone’s thinking about the coronavirus, here are some thoughts about sexual aspects of our lives in a time of pandemic.

Anxiety often leads to risky sex

Dealing with the coronavirus has brought an epidemic of two awful feelings—helplessness and anxiety. That’s a bad combination, which for many people will result in fatalism (“what’s the difference what I do?”)… [read more]


Coronavirus and Couples

f you’re in a couple this month, you’ve probably asked yourself at least once: Is this the person with whom I want to face the end of the world?

Whether your answer is a joyous “yes” or a resigned “I guess so,” let’s talk.

Because being cooped up with someone—anyone—day after day for what seems… [read more]


We have also prepared for you relaxation movement you should definitely try and do, which are based on dancing technique.

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