Nothing rocks a couple more than when one person steps outside the relationship, through either a sexual or emotional affair. Relationships can and do recover from infidelity. To repair and heal a relationship plagued by infidelity is not easy. However, with commitment and our highly professional infidelity counselling for couples, a marriage can actually survive a cheating spouse by being strengthened and enhanced through the process.

Decisions to Make: Repair and Improve the Relationship or End it?

In the aftermath of infidelity, couples are confronted with pivotal decisions. Firstly, a couple must decide whether they want to save the marriage and if there is one version of the marriage they both want.

Another decision is whether to seek the help of a marriage counsellor. Couples can attempt to repair and improve their relationship alone, without trained guidance. However, should you choose to engage with our expert counselling services for couples, you can be assured that you will be receiving expertise that fully understands relationships, concepts around marriage, human development, brain functions and deep psychological theory. Our marriage counsellors are fully adept at establishing what went wrong, structural issues and, most importantly, how to progress the relationship to a brighter, wholesome, satisfying future in spite of a cheating spouse.

Marriage counselling is available for the individual or the couple. It can be used to address cheating spouses and other forms of infidelity.

How Counselling Can Assist in Recovering from Cheating in the Relationship

Counselling for cheating spouse issues can seem a daunting prospect – indeed, there are many challenges to overcome in order to see if the relationship can be repaired. Cheating is a sign that something in the relationship between the two people is not working. Infidelity is a choice a person makes to deal with either relationship issues or personal issues. Couples benefit from the help of a professionally trained counsellor to navigate the myriad of immediate short-term obstacles and difficult long-term decisions. This can be achieved as a couple or as an individual through counselling.

For incidents involving cheating spouses, typical issues couples face are: understanding how trust works and whether it is possible for it to be rebuilt in the marriage, evaluating choices around punishment and why punishment will lead to a poor marital outcome, learning how to deal with your pain resulting from your partner, accepting responsibility for one’s behaviour; this includes both the betrayed and the betrayer.

During the healing process of infidelity counselling, you will need to decide if:

  • The marriage is worth saving, especially if children are involved. This can be a difficult decision when people are emotionally and spiritually vulnerable. However, with the professional help attained through counselling for cheating spouses to sort out these issues, you can shorten the time, lessen the pain and ensure a better outcome no matter what decision was taken.
  • Counselling for couples can help them evaluate the use of punishment on the betrayer and the consequences of implementing punishment type behaviours such as kicking the cheating spouse out of the house, controlling money, phone, internet and continued use of guilt and interrogation of acts as well as other behaviours resulting from punishment. Marriage is a choice that people make, and the use of punishment has real consequences that may not give the betrayed the desired outcome he or she wants.
  • Overcoming emotions of grief and loss and learning how to effectively deal with the pain in the relationship
  • Cheating breaks trust. Professional counselling for cheating spouse relationships can help couples explore how trust works, how it is given and the consequences of continuing a relationship where it is lacking.
  • Professional counselling for cheating spouses also provides couples with a way to integrate the betrayal into their relationship’s history so that the couple can move forward to create a new “normal” of their relationship. For the betrayed struggling to let go of the past, a professional counsellor can help them evaluate the purpose of hanging onto the pain and keeping it alive versus learning to process it and let it go.
  • Developing more effective communication habits and conflict resolution skills ensures couples can repair what wasn’t working before the infidelity and make sure they have a future strong in communication.

Our expert relationship counsellor will help you repair and improve your relationship. She will partner you on the journey to more effective relationship skills, improved communication, firmer friendship and sexual intimacy. Call us to learn more about how counselling can help you deal with this, either individually or as a couple.

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About Us

At All in the Family Counselling, we are committed to guiding couples through the challenges of infidelity recovery with empathy, expertise, and understanding. Leading our team is the experienced and qualified therapist, Ms. Tammy Fontana. With over eight years of experience in counselling, Ms. Fontana possesses a deep understanding of relationship dynamics, emotional healing, and the complexities surrounding issues of infidelity.

Ms. Fontana is not only recognised in providing pre-wedding counsellingindividual counselling and online therapy sessions, but also counselling for cheating spouses, drawing from a rich educational background and hands-on experience. With over thirteen years of residency in Singapore and a Permanent Resident status, Ms. Fontana combines her clinical training from the United States (USA) with her deep understanding of both the expatriate and local Singaporean communities to provide culturally sensitive therapy. Her compassionate approach also allows her to connect with couples in distress, helping them navigate the turbulent waters of betrayal and rebuilding trust.

As a marriage counsellor, Ms. Fontana holds various qualifications, such as an M.S. in Mental Health Counselling from Capella University, USA, a CACREP-approved institution. She also completed her 3000-hour clinical practicum and internship in the United States under the supervision of a senior U.S. licensed Counsellor (LPC). Holding the distinction of passing the U.S. National Counselor EXAM (NCE) and becoming a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) USA, Ms. Fontana is equipped to provide counselling for couples seeking assistance in overcoming the aftermath of infidelity.

To learn more about Ms. Fontana and her journey, visit our About Us page. At All in the Family Counselling, we are dedicated to helping couples rediscover hope, healing, and harmony as they navigate the path to recovery after infidelity.

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