Anger Counseling

Are you a couple dealing with one of the partner’s anger issues? Do you feel like you have an anger management problem? Does your anger issue affect your relationship? Do you find that your anger can get so big your partner has difficulty being around you or is fearful of you?

Couples that are facing overwhelming anger from one of the partners often go through periods of closeness and distance. The instability and unpredictability of their partner’s anger creates unstable patterns in the partnership. Unpredictable anger outbursts often disconnect us from the people that we love, inflicting unintentional harm and hurt.

People struggling with anger issues in their relationship often feel immense remorse and guilt, and promise to make it up to their partner only to find themselves in pattern again of blowing up in anger.

Consequences of anger management issues in a relationship include trust issues, poor communication, poor conflict resolution, reduced or non-existent sexual intimacy and overall instability.

If you are a couple who is married with children and one of the partners has anger issues, this can cause emotional harm to your children. The children can have difficulty in school, can have anxiety and stomach problems and health issues.

If you would like to see couple counseling to help you with your anger management issue, contact All in the Family Counseling Centre Pte Ltd at +6590307239 to learn how therapy might be helpful to you. Therapy provides a safe, secure place for people to explore themselves, develop self-awareness and develop necessary skills to get the relationship and closeness they want.

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