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Have you survived the first 18 to 24 months of having a child? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Is parenting and parenthood turning out to be more difficult than you had thought? Has having a child changed you? Do now see yourself different? Has it changed how you see your partner? Has it changed what you want from your partner, from your relationship? From yourself?

Many people are often overwhelmed by the challenges that having a child brings for them. I have many couples coming into my office saying nobody ever talks about how hard the adjustment to parenting is and just how much their freedom changes.

Many couples are surprised by how tired they are and how difficult it is. They are amazed at how profoundly and radically their life has changed. Couples come to me because they are struggling with creating a new normal for their relationship in which they have to balance so many new needs such as work, family, couple, self, having friends and having interests outside the house.

Couples are often overwhelmed and don’t have the time to talk. Couples usually break around the 36 months to 5- year mark. The couples are finally facing the accumulated stress, disconnection and lack of time being able to spend as a couple.

If you are a couple who is struggling with the effects of having a child, and how it’s changed your relationship, changed your freedom and are having more conflict than you ever had before, Couple Counselling can help you. If you would like to find a way to make your relationship stronger for you and your children, therapy can provide a safe, effective place to help people talk through their differences, improve their communication and, most importantly, work out new agreements about how their relationships work. Common issues couples face are around making time for sex, parenting responsibilities, figuring out how to balance work, life, family needs, couple needs and individual needs.

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