Burnout & Depression

Are you feeling flat? Are you feeling burned out? Has the last several months of the circuit breaker and the global pandemic cause you to think through your life goals and you’re just feeling flat and overwhelmed? Are you even feeling depressed?

The global pandemic and the subsequent lack of travelling, inability to meet with family and friends, the worry about your health and health of loved ones has taken its toll on many people. Many relationships have struggled to deal with the new adjustment of life that involves less distractions from oneself and the issues of the relationship. Many people feel depleted, burned out and they are looking for new ways to recharge themselves, with limited resources and none of the old ways of having fun.

Therapy can help people discover new ways to find meaning in life. One of the biggest challenges, that we have as individuals, is to create meaning and purpose in our life.  For many of us, even before the pandemic, people were struggling to deal with finding meaning in their life.

Now in the face of a pandemic with less travel, less access to friends, less coping mechanisms and socialization outlets, you may be struggling. Therapy helps people to reexamine and reprioritize their life in order to bring about calm and internal peace. Therapy helps you to find meaning in areas of your life. It will teach you ways to cope with difficulties.

Oftentimes, it’s our self limiting beliefs that are creating the biggest problems. Too often people feel powerless and then enter into victmization. Other issues that arise are that people may not be aware of how they are dependent on other things, such as alcohol, external praise and other things that they do not have direct control over. Therapy will help you address these areas of concern.

Therapy helps people to examine their lives, their self-limiting belief and how to manage overwhelming feelings. Therapy helps people to come up with a new purpose and direction in their life.

If you would like to address your burned out feeling, your feelings of overwhelmed, loss of purpose, lack of motivation, contact us to find out how therapy can help you. We provide online therapy which is as effective and safe as in office. Therapy isn’t about coming in to the office. The work of therapy is done by self-reflection, talking, thinking and doing homework in between session. It is as effective and safer than doing it in office. We’ve been providing online therapy for over four years, long before the pandemic. It provides people flexibility, consistency and a time-saving way to provide highly effective outcomes.

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