Low self-esteem

Are you somebody who struggles with understanding your self-worth? When you look in a mirror, do you have a hard time knowing if you are good looking? If you make a mistake does it cause you to call into question your self-worth and your value? Does it take you a long time to recover from making a mistake? If you get into a fight or have a misunderstanding with a significant other do you call into question your own lovability as a human being? Do you constantly blame yourself for not being perfect? Do you feel that because you are not perfect you don’t deserve love and good things?

Self-esteem issues are very painful to deal with by yourself. Low self-esteem can be very isolating and debilitating. You constantly scruntize your every action, word and move. One mistake can set you into a depressive or anxious state for days or weeks.

When things are going well, you can have a sense of calm and safety that maybe you are ok. But it is very fragile. Any little thing can disrupt it. The minute something goes wrong, you make a mistake, you screw up, you do a social error, immediately you call into question your self-worth and your value. You beat yourself up. You question whether or not you are worthy of love, you question whether or not you are a good human being, and you may engage in behaviors of verbal and emotional beating up.

It’s often very difficult to come back from errors or mistakes that you make, even though you had the very best intention possible. Self-esteem is very tricky when we have it based on external validation of others, whether that is a romantic partner, our work, or our parents – even if we are adults. Working on this alone is very hard to overcome. Self-esteem issues are healed through therapeutic relationships in which the therapist will guide you into self-acceptance, better self-awareness and thinking.

Self-esteem is something that has to be learned through changing how we think about things and, ultimately, making a decision that we are loveable. Through therapy, Tammy Fontana, at All in the Family Counseling Centre Pte. Ltd., helps people come to terms with their self-worth, and helps them devise strategies to settle, once and for all, their self-esteem and self-worth.

Ms. Fontana does this through helping people address unhelpful beliefs and unhelpful thoughts through self-awareness therapy. She helps people learn skills such as setting healthy boundaries in relationships in order to build the self-esteem and stability. If you would like to learn how therapy could help you develop your self-esteem and give you a more calm and resilient way of living, please contact her at +6590307239 to learn how therapy may be helpful to you.

Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, can provide you with flexible solutions of in-office, online video session or intensive therapy retreats for you or your corporate team. No longer will your busy travel be the reason why you can get high quality consistent therapy. Contact us to learn more.

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