How to Start Therapy

Are you searching for a therapist? Have you never done therapy and you are trying to understand how it is going to help you? Are you confused by the various offerings of counselling, therapy, psychologists, social working, coaching? Are you getting overwhelmed by trying to figure it out what is the best way to pick a therapist?

Choosing a therapist is a daunting prospect. In the beginning, you are going to be meeting somebody for the first time who you don’t know, sharing very private and difficult personal information. Perhaps you are even in a crisis and in a lot of pain.

Many times people have no idea about how to search for a therapist or what they should be looking for. Maybe you are focusing on price or maybe you are focusing on location. Perhaps you got a referral or recommendation from a friend, however most of the time people don’t, because they are too private to ask somebody else for a recommendation.

A misconception people have is that therapy is supposed to be done in an office. You may think the most important aspect of the therapist is where they meet the therapist. People have ideas about therapy shaped by TV, books, movies. Physical location is not important when it comes to finding the right therapist. Of course, ease of access to the therapist is important because you will likely be required to meet on a regular weekly basis.

All In The Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd has spent over a decade of developing and refining their therapy practices to develop programs that are customized to meet requirement of our clients. We realize that people are busy, that they have family responsibilities, their personal commitments as well as they will be travelling once again once the pandemic lifts. Finding time and ease of ability to get to see a therapist becomes an important criteria.

Clients will be required to attend therapy on a weekly basis. So, if every session requires 50 minutes and then up to 45-90 minutes of commute time. That becomes a significant commitment on a weekly basis. This often interferes with people’s ability to commit to regular weekly therapy because of the inability to find time.

All In The Family Counselling recognizes this dilemma for people. All In The Family Counselling also realizes many people have this idea that seeing a therapist in the office is what therapy is about. However, therapy is about working with your therapist, developing a relationship. It is focus on talking, thinking, self reflecting, introspection and expressing.

Whether you do that in the physical office or from an office at your home or your bedroom or in a car, really doesn’t matter. The therapist is the best determinate of the technology of the therapy. Therapist knows what is best for them to give you, the client what you need.

What matters is the therapist’s ability to develop a relationship with you, identify issues, help you to grow and develop through various interventions. This is not restricted to an office. And in fact, All In The Family Counselling has developed, over the years, flexibility in treatment that adapts and addresses to client’s needs. What is important to realize it is the therapist’s job to determine the best treatment and that you trust your therapist and their ability to help you. The focus on the office is a thing of the past. Today, with the technology of Zoom, high speed internet access we have new technology to make therapy more available to you.

All In The Family Counselling is committed to you, achieving your goals, speaking clearly and plainly and directly with you about what will be required to achieve you goals. We do this through a motive therapeutical interventions that allow you to have the most flexible access to a therapist.

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