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Are you in a relationship where you keep asking your partner to have sex and they turn you down? Are you in a relationship where you are the one who is constantly turning your partner down? Do you guys feel stuck and unable to talk about sex? Is the way that you are talking about sex which is very mechanical – how to do it, when to do it, how often to do it, how many times we have done it or haven’t done it, trapping you into an endless negative cycle of no sex?

Do you find that each of you are blaming the other for the lack of sex in your relationship and this way of talking about it is making it worse?

Are you not sure if you are ready to commit to therapy for your marriage or to do sex therapy? Have you been doing lots of Google searches that haven’t resulted in any positive improvement?

All In The Family Counselling Center understands the need for sexual education about how to talk about sex, the steps that are required to turn oneself on, the steps required to create safety in a relationship to be able to create the foundation for having sex. Check it out here:

All In The Family Counselling has put together an educational series that will address many of the myths and misunderstandings about sex and help you move beyond these destructive and unhelpful conversations about how to do it, whose fault is it, how many times we need to do it, whose fault it is for not initiating sex/turning down sex.

All In The Family Counselling has thoughtfully put together a series of talks that are designed to educate individuals in a group setting with privacy to help them get clinically informed education to prepare them for doing therapy. Our education series helps change how people are thinking about it, helps create a new framework for them to engage and is designed for those individuals who may not be ready to do couple counselling or individual counselling.

Our education series are private, anonymous and allow you to participate as much or as little as you like and at the end you will get a certificate. Our series can be a path to do individual counselling and/or a path to attend our pleasure principle workshop in Croatia in which we help couples move beyond the theoretical and the education and to implement and experience the skills that they are learning in the educational series.

All In The Family Counselling Center Pt. Ltd. has been providing therapy for just under two decades. We realise the need that people have in improving their sex life and the unfortunate embarrassment and stigma associated. This is why we are designing our online workshop and educational series to help people get quality information and change the way they are addressing and talking about sex. To learn more contact us at  Best is to whatsap us at +6590307239 Visit about Ms. Tammy Fontana here:

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