How to be a good lover

Do you wonder whether or not you are a good lover? Do you often wonder if you are very good at sex? Are you concerned about your ability to provide intimacy and sexual connection in your marriage? Are you afraid that maybe you are doing something wrong or you are not really sure and have been too embarrassed to ask?

All In The Family Counselling recognizes that people have questions about sex, sexual intimacy, concerns and sometimes just lack of knowledge. Searching endlessly through Google and talking with friends often leaves one feeling dissatisfied and perpetuates more frustration and confusion.

All In The Family Counselling Center Pt. Ltd. has created a series of educational talks designed to get people the information they need on various topics around relationships, sex and intimacy, communication and conflict. Our talks recognize that not everybody is ready to do individual or couple therapy. We realise that you have a desire to gain knowledge from an expert who has worked with many people and has helped them achieve success.

We provide thoughtfully taylored confidential education classes. We realize not everyone is ready for therapy. Visit our website to learn about these:

Our talks will address asking for sex, sexual education and intelligence, debunking myths around sex and helping you learn to connect and communicate with your partner in an effective manner. Sex is a very important part of any relationship and helps to stabilize it. If you would like to learn more about how our workshops can help you e-mail us at

All In The Family Counselling Center has been providing individual and couple therapy for just under two decades to Southeast Asia. Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, has extensive experience working with difficult cases, sex and intimacy, communication and conflict, depression and anxiety.

Our talks will leave you feeling more empowered and more confident to connect with your partner. It can also lead the path to engaging in individual or couple counselling or attending our Croatia retreats in which we help translate what you are learning in session to our retreats called the pleasure principle in which we help couples reconnect to the pleasure of all their senses. Our talks will include case studies, the ability to ask questions and it will be conducted in total privacy, so that couples can feel relaxed about attending and learning. If you would like to learn more, contact us to find out how these educational workshops or therapy or any of the other services we provide can help you.

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