Are you married and in a relationship which seems to go nowhere? Do you have endless and repetitive fights? Do both, you and your spouse, grew up in less than ideal families in which positive relationships were not modeled? Do you long to have a healthy relationship with your partner or for yourself? Are you wishing you could learn what a healthy relationship looks like and how it feels to be in a healthy relationship?

All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd and Tammy Fontana have developed a unique immersive therapy program in which we foster couples in a healthy relationship. Our foster program provides couples who want an immersive therapy program to learn about healthy relationships and how it feels to be in a healthy relationship by living with a healthy couple and receiving 24/7 therapy and support, while doing fun activities to learn and grow.

Our foster program is modeled based on similar programs designed for children in which they live with healthy families and our foster program has been carefully created and customized and developed for couples. This is for people who really want to improve their relationship. Often, couples who are ideal for this are couples that are facing infidelity, that have constant repetitive fights, are feeling overwhelmed and want rapid change. Doing our foster program is an immersive total experience that is like doing six months of therapy.

Our foster program does require work leading up to and then after. It is not a cure-all but it is a comprehensive way of getting a rapid jump start on your relationship and your mental health skills and getting a very intense overview of how to grow and develop. If you would like to learn more contact us at +65 9030 7239 or email us at

All in the Family Counselling Centre has been providing therapy for just under two decades. Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, is a clinically trained mental health counsellor, as well as a clinical sex therapist who has experience in training and working with complex developmental trauma, attachment and all mental health issues related to anxiety, depression and relationships. To learn more contact us now, +65 9030 7239.

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