Reasons you should rethink therapy

Reasons you should rethink therapy

Are you wanting to get help for yourself but say ‘Argh, therapy is too expensive!’? Or is another reason you put off therapy because you don’t have time? Or is another reason that you put off therapy is because you are afraid of what you might find out about yourself or your relationship?

Many people have fears or ideas about therapy that put them off from reaching out for help. A common one is that people say ‘Oh, therapy is so expensive!’ and yes, therapy costs money. You have a position to view it as a tax or you can view it as an investment.

Therapy is hard because when you don’t know what it is and you have to pay for it to find out what it is, it is a bit scary and intimidating. But therapy can work when people make the investment, they take it seriously and they give it enough time. Life will cost you money.

Tammy Fontana works with individuals to help them develop and  has seen that those individuals who stick with therapy end up making more money, have further career progression because they learn how to deal with reality and the feelings of reality, they develop better boundaries in order to navigate human relationships and see people better. People who stay the course of therapy have better lives.

While therapy is expensive it is also expensive not doing therapy. Not doing therapy costs you because emotional stress and toll has you making bad decisions, contributes to poor relationship skills and contributes to anxiety.

Another reason people put off therapy is they say they are afraid to find out what therapy may reveal. Unfortunately, therapy does take time and effort, but it does help people see things that are there.

When people are afraid to see things that they think might be there, this is called denial. Denial is often a dangerous thing that can lead to very bad outcomes if a person doesn’t deal with things. Because life eventually will come pushing through the denial and this is where things blow up.

This is where you often hear people say ‘How did this happen? I couldn’t see this coming.’. Almost everything in life is predictable and you can see it coming if you are willing to look at it and feel the feelings.

If we take pandemic for example, this was a completely avoidable thing. They were talking about it since 2016 but nobody wanted to deal with it and then it blew up. This is an example of global denial.

So, if you think there might be bad things happening in your life but you are afraid to find out, therapy can provide a framework in a way to support you to start looking at the things that are happening in your life so that you can proactively address them in a constructive manner, before they become big and a crisis.

Another reason that people say that they can’t do therapy is that they don’t have time. You often don’t have time to not deal with your life and your relationships. Eventually, life will create a situation where you will be forced to deal with it, but it will be in a crisis manner.

Therapy is a space for you to create time for yourself to learn how to think and reflect on things in constructive manners. Learn the skills that you need to deal with your feelings and face difficult issues, how to build boundaries and other things.

If you would like to find out how therapy might help you to address some of your concerns about cost, time facing things that you are afraid to find out, contact All in the Family Counselling at +65 9030 7239 to find out how therapy might help you. you can also email us at

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