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When Should I Seek Help

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All About Counselling: How it Works & What it Looks like with Us

Want to know how therapy works BEFORE making an appointment

Check out our Portal for Therapy

How Counselling Works

Article to help people who have never done counselling understand how it works, what the therapist does and doesn't do and what are the responsibilities of the client

20 Myths about Counselling & Psychotherapy

Are counselling and pscyhotherapy the same thing or are they different...this and other myths addressed

FAQ: Never Done Counselling? Frequently Asked and Answered Questions about Process of Counselling:

Commonly asked questions with straight talking answers

Has the Internet Really Changed Anything About Sexuality?

My Wife Won't Have Sex With Me

My Husband won't Have Sex With me

1st Time Counselling: How to get the Most out of your Session

Never been to counselling before and wonder how it works? Read this article to help you prepare for your first counselling session

Marie Claire Asia with Tammy Fontana, Relationship & Sex Therapist

Marie Claire Asia does an interview for their magazine, read it here

What Counselling Therapy Looks Like With Our Therapist

Choice Theory and Therapy is an excellent form of therapy to help individuals, parents or couples see change rapidly. Most of what takes so much time in traditional psychotherapy is eliminated in Choice Psychology.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Counselling

Wondering about the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health counsellor and social worker? Read here

How you define the problem may ensure that you never fix it

Think you have a communication problem or perplexed why you cannot solve disagreements in your relationship? read here

There is no Trying in a relationship...or life, only Doing

Are you someone who keeps saying you'll TRY to do something but keep getting in a huge fight with your spouse because they want you to DO something. Read this to learn more

Marriage Counselling - Don't leave it as a last resort

Waiting until your marriage is almost dead to seek counselling may be waiting to long and become too late to save it,

No Problem Talk Here!

Understand how counselling works and how to get the most out of therapy with a professionally trained counsellor

Is the Internet getting in your Way of getting Effective Mental Health Help

What's the right way to use all the free information on the internet about mental health

Counselling vs. Getting Advice

Understand how counselling is different and more effective from getting advice and why you should use a professional counsellor for individual and relationship issues.

How we Help Couples

How we help couples get the marriage they want

Stop Chasing Why!

Re-examine the effectiveness of trying to answer your "why" questions as to what is not working in your life

Demystifying the Change in the Counselling Process

This article helps to explain how counselling helps people to get better and improve their relationships

Going it Solo...Couple Counselling?

Learn how you can save your marriage even if your partner doesn't want to attend counselling in the beginning.

Courage To seek Help

Our society has yet to normalize that mentally healthy people can and do face difficulties. The truth is that Mentally Healthy people seek help! Seeking help doesn’t mean you are unwell, it just means you realize the limitation of your scope of knowledge and competency and you seek out experts to help you get to what you want.

The Most Important Sex Organ in the Body

It's not what you think it is.

Putting Behaviors Behind your Hope!

Relying on hope to fix a problem marriage, improve your parenting skills, address the anxiety or depression in your life is risky. People loose valuable time to make effective change waiting and hoping something different will result from their continued course of action.

Tips for getting Happiness

Tips for how to get happiness in your life and understand what research says makes people happy

Get Your Mental Health In Shape!

Being mentally healthy or happy is not an all or nothing state, rather you can learn effective skills to increase your happiness and improve your relationships

Resolve to be Happy!

Start your new year off right by getting happy. Read how...


Types of Abusive Behaviors in Relationship

Cheating Spouse Keeps retraumatizing You By Blaming You

Does your betraying spouse get angry when you are still not over the betrayal, Do they demand that you forgive them without clarifying their actions or choices, learn more about this type of behavior in cheating or infidelity

Don’t Be Fooled: Your Partner’s Bad Behavior is NOT your Fault or Responsibility, No Matter what they say

If you reflect, do you realize that your partner never or almost never says s/he are “sorry” or apologizes. Or if s/he does, it’s more a sorry about your feelings not about what s/he did wrong or how s/he hurt you. 

Anger Management or Overwhelmed because of childhood Triggers

Your abusive anger outburst may have roots in your childhood. Good news is there is help

Are you struggling with setting Boundaries?

Change your Marriage? Start with Yourself

My Wife Won't Have Sex With Me

My Husband Won't Have Sex With me

Is Your Relationship Making you Sick?

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Is Sex Important in a committed relationship?

Does Everything Seem to Be about Your Partner’s Needs and not Yours?

Does everything thing have to do with your partner's needs and not yours. If you try and get your needs met it is met with anger and punishment

Can’t Get Your Spouse’s Attention to Connect: Is Empathy Missing?

Do You Feel Bad…and are sick of it?

Cheating Spouse in Denial

Clinical Discussion of Mental Health Problems

A new way to look at Depression

Depression isn't an emotion we are victim to but rather our brain's creative way to try and get our needs met...check out this new perspective

Dealing with Depression: A holistic point of view

Moving beyond a label or drugs, how to look at treat depression

Can't Stop Watching Porn and Masturbating

Are you unhappy, depressed or very anxious. Do you find you watch porn and masturbate compulsively to feel better. Rethink the unhelpful label of porn addiction. Read here to learn more

Anxiety Attacks: What is your anxiety trying to tell

Are you Engaging in Harmful Behaviors to Block Out Your Emotional Pain?

drinking too much, picking fights, having causal random sex or chatting to people on line

Emotional Paralysis Strikes You While Trying to Live Out Your Day

Feeling Deep Sense of Alone Even When You are a Part of Relationships

Do you find that you are overcome by dark feelings of aloneness and difficulty connecting to people. Read here to learn more

Why Can't I Enjoy Good Things In My Life

Do you find that struggle to enjoy good things, your success and pleasures in your life and relationships. This is a solution, read more

Taking Another Look at Anxiety - A holistic approach

Anxiety is not something that happens to a person, rather it is a person's creative system trying to solve for problems. Anxiety is about the future and a person's belief that they can't handle whatever the world may throw at them, so they they try to control the world, but this isn't possible.

ADD, ADHD overdiagnosis and the myth of the chemical imbalance

Parents need to arm themselves with information about how to make decision to treat their child's behavioral issues. Understanding that the chemical balance talk is only a hypothesis, there are no actual blood tests to confirm this and that often the best course of treatment is improved parenting skills to address child behavior issues.

Do I have a Drinking Problem?

Many people come to me with greatly misinformed ideas about what constitutes an alcoholic. Many people tend see it very black and white, either I'm okay with alcohol or I'm an alcoholic. The reality of alcoholism or Alcohol abuse disorder (AAD) is that it is more a grey scale on a continuum from abstinence to full blown alcoholism.

It's Not an Anger Management Problem - It's a Choice

People keep choosing anger because it works, understand how anger is used and why people keep doing it

Anger Management

Make sure you have a real anger management problem and not a relationship or situational anger issue, the difference affects the treatment

Anger Problems - You don't have Buttons that are getting pushed

Discussion of anger's purpose and what happens when it goes wrong

Men Who are being Emotionally/Physically Abused by their Partners

Men are victims of domestic violence. Often the abuse takes the form of emotional abuse and then escalates to physical. Read about the signs

Couples Counselling for Substance Abuse

If you are living with a person that has a substance abuse problem, you may be more effective in bringing about change if you seek help for yourself in learning how to deal with the person rather than trying to force the person to come into therapy

Clinical discussion of the outdated sexual response cycle & how it may be hurting your sex life

A clinical review of the literature that shows people's belief about how sex works contributes to them incorrectly defining the problem and resulting in sexual problems

Men in Relationships with Extremely Volatile Women

Why Anxiety Tips Do Not Work - But Therapy Will

Managing Stress During Singapore's Economic Downturn

Issues About Sex and Sexuality

How Does Sex Therapy Work

How does sex therapy work and help couples to resolve the challenges they are experiencing with their sex life

Want Help with Your Sex Life, but Fear Attending Sex Therapy

Are you Misusing Sex

Sex in a long-term relationship gets complicated

Sexual Communication

How to effectively talk about sex with your partner, the dos and don'ts

What is "natural" about Sex

Are you hung up on having natural sex? find out what exactly natural sex is...

Unexplained Lost Libido? You may actually be really angry at your partner.

Is Lousy Sex better than No sex?

Depends what you want...read more

Oral Sex; You said A Mouthful

Sex- It's meaning is constructed by you

Sex Secrets and Shame

Maintaining an Erotic Mind Towards Your Partner

How do you think about your affects how you feel about them sexually

Sorry I Didn't Orgasm

Is it such a big deal if you don't orgasm each time you have sex?

Nine Absolutely Untrue Myths About Porn—And One Fact We Can All Agree On

What I know about your (hetero) Man wants from Sex

Find out what men want from sex, busting the myths

Your Husband Won't Have Sex with You

Understanding what is going on the potential reasons for this

Behaviors & beliefs that will KILL your sex life and your marriage too

Are you doing any of these and have a bad sex life, read what you can do differently

Five Ways to Make Sex Less Enjoyable

This an other unhelpful ideas people have about sex, sure to ruin it for themselves and their partner

The New Sex Rules

read here to learn more

Your Husband Watches Porn...now What?

Are you struggling how to make sense of your husband watching porn...read here

Has Porn Changed Sex...or is Multitasking the real Culprit

Many people think porn is ruining sex...but is that really the case

Ten Erectile Disappointments that are not "ED" or Erectile Dsyfunction

What is and isn't a sex problem

When Sex isn't About Sex

Sex is rarely about sex in a relationship, it's about power, read more

What Sexual Conditions DON’T Need Treatment

If you label a sexual behavior as a problem, that label may be more of the problem than the behavior itself. Read more

Is everyone on a dating website looking for someone...short answer is no

Wondering what does it mean if your partner is visiting a dating website...it may mean nothing

The Sex Conversations Couples Should have...but most don't until it is too late

What are the things you need to discuss when clarifying what constitutes cheating or a break in the fidelity of the relationship

Are you Sexually Normal - And Does it Matter?

Understanding how you talk and think about sex can make it worse or better

Want to watch a lot of porn AND have Good Relationship Sex

Can you mix the two? Porn and relationship sex, read more to find out

Your Kid Looks At Porn. Now What?

Guidance on how to handle this issue

Are you trying to DO your way to a better sex life...and it's not work? read here

Too many people focusing on the Doing: the frequency, the position, the orgasm but this is often the wrong approach

Are you playing the BLAME game to solve your unsatisfying sex life?

Couples unwittingly decide someone is to blame for their poor sex life and often start blaming each other. This doesn't work, read our article to learn more

Myth: Rise in Erectile Dysfunction

Porn use seems to have everyone believing this is why men are having more erectile dysfunction. Read more why this myth is not true

More Sexual Curiosity, Please

Lies People Keep Telling about Sex

There are many false statements and beliefs that people keep telling each other and that are going around the internet. Get the straight information

Masturbation vs. Relationship Sex: What is the difference and why people choose one versus the other when they have a choice

Taking a look at reasons people may choose to masturbate even when they can and do have relationship sex.

What does it mean when your erectile dysfunction drug doesn't work

If you are taking viagra or any other drug like that and it doesn't work, it is often a signal that the problem is relational not physiological

The most important sex organ in the body.

It's not what you think it is

Good Reasons Why a Person Doesn't Initiate Sex

Understandingg what are motivations behind reduced requests for sex in a relationship

What is Sex?

How you define sex may be creating your sex problems

Sexual Problems are generally not about Sex

Sexual problems are generally not about sex, they are about a whole host of issues that include self-image, self-critism...

What is a Sex Problem?

What is normal sex and am I normal are 2 of the most sex questions. Understanding what is normal about sex.

Why the diagnosis of "sex addict" is not a helpful approach

Sex after the Baby: When a wife loses interest in Sex

Be Careful the Story You tell Yourself about Your Sex Life:

It may be the root of your problem

What does a Lost Erection during Sex Mean?

The meaning either person gives to a lost or soften erection has serious implications for a couple’s sex life, consider some alternative meanings

Understanding Porn Use in a Marriage

Help people to people to get a better context for why some people choose porn and  to look at how couples deal with porn and the possible reasons a partner chooses porn.

Does Porn Use Cause Rape?

The Myth of Porn’s Perfect Bodies

Continuing to demystify porn

32 Helpful Things You can Learn from Pornography

Porn is not sex education, but you can learn some things about sex from it

Infidelity: A problem in the Relationship not the Person

Understanding how issues in the relationship can create choices for a person to cheat

Trying to Understand the Partner that Betrayed you

Issues to look at when trying to make sense of how your partner choose to have an affair

Talking to your Kids about Porn

Key points for parents and how to start this conversation

All About Marriage Counselling

Should you Force your Spouse into Marriage Counselling?

Couples Counselling Case Studies

Examples of couples that have improved their relationship through counselling

It's not a Communication Problem!

Communication problems in marriage don't exist, it's the fact that people don't like what they hear their partner saying. understanding some realities about marriage

Marriage Counselling or Vacation?

Acknowledging you have relationships problems is scary, but are you unsure if you should invest the money in therapy or a vacation?

So You Think You know your partner? Maybe not and that's why you are fight so much.

Help I had a baby and I lost the wife I married!

Creating a Joint Parenting Plan to end this area of conflict

Many marriage problems arise out the fact that spouses cannot agree on how to parent their kids. This constant tension resulting from disagreement starts to bleed into other areas of the relationship and sex life. Not figuring out how to create a joint parenting plan creates problems for couples.

Parenting Dilemma, Kids Changed Your Marriage

Fully Consider your choice to become (financially) Dependent – Especially for Expat Couples

Questions couples should consider before one person stops working

Give the Gift of a new Relationship Framework

Romantic relationships, in order to be need satisfying to both people, must have an effective relationship framework.

Therapy providing Tools for Your Marriage

Learn about the real tools and benefits that marriage and relationship therapy can provide

Magical Thinking in Marriage

Magical thinking and doing more of ineffective behaviors prevents couples from making effective changes to their marriage to save it.

Unrealistic Expectations for your Relationship or Marriage

One significant factor for relationship decline is that one or both partners carry unrealistic expectations about how a marriage or relationships work.

Infidelity Prevention in a Relationship

The number one way to prevent infidelity in a marriage is to maintain a strong friendship in which both people’s needs are met. All people are genetically encoded for survival, love and belonging, power and control, freedom and fun.

Ignoring Your Marriage Problems Won't Make them Go Away

Problems in your marriage are real if you’ve stopped having sex, you start fantasizing about another person real or imagined, you argue more than you can you cooperate and often feel resentful, infidelity whether emotional or sexual and when you start to mentally disengaging from your marriage and start thinking about how life would be without your partner. These are signs that your marriage is trouble.

Protect Your Relationship Against Infertility Issues

Issues couples face when considering undergoing infertility treatments to achieve pregnancy

Best Gift to Your Child: A Happy Marriage

By developing strong relationships skill prior to the baby arriving you can positively influence your child’s intellectual and emotional development. In addition relationship skills can help you prevent relationship meltdown and infidelity.

Stop Talking Your Marriage & Start Doing Your Marriage

Learn how to be more effective in your marriage and stop fighting

Maintaining your relationship after children arrive

To keep a marriage strong you must keep the focus on your relationship...this articles discusses the challenge that affects relationships when child become the foundation of the relationship instead of the adults forging the foundation.

Is this going to hurt?  Marriage Counselling

Couple Counselling is about building skills, not complaining, blaming and fault finding in the relationship- this doesn’t help anyone. Counselling helps couples to get to the root of the nonproductive conflicts and poor communication. 

Repair or Leave Your Marriage

Some ways to help you evaluate if you should repair or end your marriage

Tips to Garner more Cooperation from your Partner

Tips to help you talk to your partner so you can get more cooperation

Top Tips for Managing Conflict in Your Relationship

Learn how to be more effective when you are having an argument

It's good to be in Love!

Don't wait until things are really bad to seek help and protect your relationship, read about preventative counselling for pre-marriage, infertility, bringing home baby, and baby sleep help

Marriage Make Over

How to improve your existing relationship

Making Love Last...as an Expat

Learn how to keep your relationship strong as an Expat in Singapore

Asian Marriage Issues

Arranged Sex in an Arranged Marriage Part 1

Arranged Sex in an Arranged Marriage Part 2

Arranged Sex in an Arranged Marriage Part 3

Dating Help

Tired of having the Same Bad Relationship Patterns

Counselling for Cheating or Infidelity in Marriage

Infidelity: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Upon discovery of infidelity people are faced with many choices of what to do. Make sure you don't do something you'll later regret or ruin your chances to save your marriage if that is something you think you may want

Crisis Management When You Find Out Your Partner is Cheating On You

How to Forgive your Partner after they’ve cheated on you.

How To Rebuild Trust after Infidelity

Struggling to repair the trust, its a journey

How your to repair Your Self-Esteem after you have been cheated on

Getting over the Hurt and Pain Caused by Betrayal and Cheating

There is is help to repair the relationship

Cheating Spouse Keeps retraumatizing You By Blaming You

Does your betraying spouse get angry when you are still not over the betrayal, Do they demand that you forgive them without clarifying their actions or choices, learn more about this type of behavior in cheating or infidelity

Infidelity: Now What

No one gets a user manual on what to once an infidelity, as defined by one or both parties is discovered. Here are some things people need to consider before making any decision.

Reasons People Cheat - Besides Sex

Article discusses the many reasons a person chooses to have sex, debunking some popular myths that it is all about sex

Crisis infidelity Brings

Infidelity has you rethinking what you believe and what you want, read to learn more

Infidelity Myths

Infidelity Myths are being busted in this article. Find out that nothing causes cheating.

Crisis Management: What to do in the Immediate aftermath of discovering Cheating

Counselling for Cheating or Infidelity

Understand what is required to repair and improve your marriage after cheating is discovered

Forgiveness in Infidelity: Why it’s an inadequate strategy

How to Know if Your Relationship is Worth Saving

Some key things to look at to see if you still want to save your relationship

Surviving Infidelity

Learn the top things you must consider when finding out about infidelity

PreMarriage Counselling Articles

Doubts about Marriage Increase Risk of Divorce: PreMarriage Counselling is a Good Idea

A 2012 UCLA Study shows a link between having doubts about your finance and an increase risk of divorce at year 4. Pre-marriage counselling can reduce the change of divorce

Myths of Romantic Love

The reality is that marriage is a unique relationship that requires unique skills to manage effective communications in order for both people in the relationship to get their needs met. The skills for communication or conflict manage we use at work or as a parent - don’t work in a marriage.

A Marriage Without Expectation

Understanding how perceptions and expectations can negatively impact a relationship and lead to reduced positive communication between spouses.

Parenting & Sleep Help

Dad's Gift to their Children

Dad's gift to their kids is a sex education

Parenting: Punishment and Reward not Working: How we help Parents

The letter parents should give to their college bound children about sex

No Medals given for sleep deprivation- Correct your child's sleep

Is our decision to put off addressing your child's sleep based on good information?

Myth of 7 to 7 and other harmful child sleep myths

There are many harmful sleep myths that keep persisting today in spite of good research to the contrary. In large part, this is due to the internet search phenomena and also how the human brain works. These persisting sleep myths are the number 1 reason why sleep training fails and gets a bad reputation. The sleep training methods are fine, but often people implement them incorrectly, or use a good sleep training tool on the wrong sleep problem.

Common Discipline Mistakes

Understanding common parenting discipline mistakes in the context of child development and behavior

Making Sense of Child Misbehavior

Understanding your child's behavior

I’m Pregnant, but am I Stressed? 

Understanding Night terrors, nightmares and other disturbed sleep habits of children

Help to distinguish a child's normal sleep patterns from troubled sleep

Why Sleep Training Fails, Part 1

One of the main reasons sleep training fails is that people are applying a good sleep training tool to the wrong sleep problem. When parents and children are not sleeping it makes everyone cranky. Actually lack of sleep is an official recognized form of torchure. When we are not getting we get desperate and start doing anything to get sleep.

Sleep and School Performance- the link

This article discuss how over 30 studies have been conducted showing that both enough sleep and quality sleep are related to academic performance for children

Sleeping like a Baby?

Understanding some of the bizarre yet normal sleep behaviors of your children

Not a Sleeping Beauty Baby

Understanding normal sleep behavior and sleep amounts

Self Regulation - a core parenting skill to teach your child

A discussion of how important instilling self regulation is in your child

Speaking the Language of Love to your child

Understand why talking to your child under 12 isn't the most effective way to communicate

Signs and Symptoms of Bullying- What to do

How to tell if your child is being bullied and what to do about it

Sleep From Birth to Adulthood

Understanding the importance of sleep for adults and children and what to do if its not working

Co-sleep vs. Cot Sleeping: Which is better

Make an informed choice about how you want your child to sleep

What is child Physical Abuse

Experts in the field of child behavior believe physical abuse teaches children to be submissive, fearful, and/or aggressive. It also teaches them hitting is a way to control other people and solve problems.

Infertility Counselling & Help

A letter to women to protect their fertility from a woman struggling with infertility

This is a letter written by a member of our infertility support group to her friends and she wanted to share it and make sure that all women are aware of how to protect the fertility and hopefully avoid the pain of infertility. 

Infertility Etiquette from RESOLVE

This is an article on the proper way to manage relationships and issues of infertility with women and men that are struggling with it.

How to be a good friend to someone with infertility

This article is for all people wondering what to say or how to support their friend who is dealing with infertility

Grief and Bereavement - what to do and say

This is article is written to help you understand how to respond to someone that has experienced a loss, whether its is a much hope for pregnancy, a loved-one or a job.

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