Communication Issues in Marriage and Relationships

Improve your communication in your relationship.
Issues face with Communication:
 Repetitive fights about the same issue that seem unsolvable
 Fights that seem to come out of nowhere about seemingly
 nothing
 Not feeling heard or understood
 Communication that makes you feel misunderstood
 Inability to manage one’s tone that leads to a fight
 Inability to create time to talk about complicated issues
 Fight that turns very hurtful and attacking
 Fights that result in the couple not speaking for hours or even days
 Having an unexamined bias against your partner ie. They are hurtful, untrustworthy, uncaring,
selfish, impulsive, and or immature

Situations that result in communication difficulties
 Parenting and discipline
 Finances
 Household chores
 Housing: what kind, how much to spend, and what location
 Conflict about the In-laws
 Disagreements about alcohol consumption
 Work-life balance disagreement
 Working agreements: Should a parent stay home with children or go back to work
 Vacation and holiday conflicts
 Sex and Intimacy issues
 Reproductive Issues: Birth control
 Family planning issues
 Unresolved issues stemming from Infidelity.
 Unresolved issues stemming from any break in trust or hurtful situation.

Challenges that Affect Couples Communication
 Alcohol and drug use
 Diagnosed Mental health issues: Depression, Anxiety, Anger issues, Personality Disorders
 Inability to regulate one’s emotions.
 Defensiveness
 Inability to accept responsibility for one’s actions or choices
 Low self-esteem
 Abandonment Issues

 Inability to accurately understand what is the real issue that needs to be addressed in any given

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