Anxiety’s Message

Anxiety Attacks: What is your anxiety trying to tell

Are you battling anxiety? Do you find that out of no where you will start to feel really anxious like something bad is going to happen to you? Do you dread the weekends, like a Friday evening after work with no plans? Or worse, Sunday! Sunday hits and you are faced with a whole day and no plans not sure how you’ll manage your dark feelings? Anxiety seems to steal from you the enjoyment of quite time or relaxing time.

Are you frustrated by the anxiety because it doesn’t respond to logic? You try and talk yourself out of it, rationalize it away and it doesn’t work. You spend your time talking friends about it over and over they are getting frustrated and tired of your repetitive story.

Don’t loose hope. This is a fixable solution through anxiety counselling and therapy. It is a common issue that I help many individuals who are willing to invest in themselves and go through the process of therapy.

Anxiety often is a purposeful emotion and feeling trying to alert the individual to pay attention to something in the individuals life. Often people don’t know how to deal with their feelings. Many individuals may actually have difficulties in the present life that they don’t want to face or are avoiding. The anxiety may be telling you that you can’t avoid it any longer.

In therapy, I help people address the deep source of their anxiety. Gimmicks and tips and tricks will not work on this type of anxiety. In fact, if it did, you probably wouldn’t be searching anxiety.

Many people think anxiety is an external thing attacking them. In fact, anxiety is an internally created feeling based on how the individual is looking at dealing with their world.

If you are tired of struggling, consider loving yourself and investing in yourself. Fix this once and for all.

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