Can’t Enjoy Good Times?

Can’t Enjoy Good Times?

Why Can’t I Enjoy Good Times?

Anxiety Strikes

Have you found yourself having a day or two or three of really good even great experiences. You find yourself really enjoying your work, you’ve been hitting the gym consistently, eating well, feeling just overall good about yourself and your relationships…and …BAM out of no where you make one choice or action and everything things to suddenly turn upside and become horrible, anxiety filled and negative.

You find your mind turn against you. Your mind is screaming at you negative thoughts.

“So you think you are so good, Ha you are a joke an imposter!”

“What are you doing enjoying yourself? “

“You know something bad will happen.”

“ You don’t deserve good things.”

“ You are looser, no one likes you.”

“ Who do you think you are?”

“What kind of person do you think would accept?”

“you can’t keep this up! You are looser, a faker. Who do think you are kinding”

These voices are unrelenting. At first you try to calm the storm in your mind. The more you seem to ignore the voices, the louder and stronger they get. They wear you down. They slow you down. They consume you.

Soon, all that great positive energy starts to fade in the face on this unrelenting negative, harsh and critical voices. Soon to quite the voices you may starting eating more, drinking more alcohol, watching more tv, anything to SHUT UP those voices. Often because of the eating and drinking, you start to either sleep less or more. You stop going to the gym. The negative downspiral has started full force and you seem and feel powerless to stop it. You start to believe those horrible voices.


DON’T BELIEVE THEM. This is often anxiety out of control, often from early childhood poor parenting. You may be suffering today as an adult from what your parents did, as their best attempt to parent you. Often less than optimal parenting creates serious anxiety and mental health issues in adult. One of them is chronic negative voices in our head that stop of from being the best versions of yourself.

Now, this article isn’t a blame your parent article. Instead it is to answer the question, why is this happening to me. Mental health is something that is taught and learned, it is not innate. If you do not have mentally healthy parents, and many people did not, your teacher couldn’t teach you what you needed to learn. This can happen to you even if you came from an middle, upper middle or high income family. This can happen to you even if you think you had what you would call a good childhood.

Right now, the why doesn’t matter. What Does matter is that this does not mean you are doomed to a life of misery and sub-optimal performance and poor relationships This does not mean that you have to live through these horrible black periods.

It does mean you will have to take the first step of acknowledging this is a problem and lowering your quality of life. You will have decide you want to do something. You will need to decide to take the first step and seek out qualified professional mental health, not just pharmaceutical interventions, but therapy to learn new thinking and belief patterns. There is definitely scientific based help to help you address this. It is easy or effortless but if you commit to a therapy program it does work and you will get better. I’ve helped many invidiudals raise the quality of their lives through our therapeutically work.

But the first step starts with you. That you challenge those negative voices. You do deserve a better life. You do deserve good things and you and your life do matter.

Do you want more for yourself? Better career success, better relationships and just to calm and happy. Well take the first step and reach out to learn what is required of you and how we might work together to get that life you want and deserve.

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