Accepting Reality

When describing your partner do you usually start of by saying something like: “S/he is really wonderful, but they will swear at me, not talk to me for days on end and blame for things that they did, but they are really a good person.”

Do you describe your drinking to the point of black out repeated as something you can control and can stop at any time? Or maybe you are the partner of someone who drinks, and you think it’s just because of the friends that they hang out with.

Or do you explain away your child’s excessive computer and phone use as a phase that all the kids are doing now a days.

Or maybe you rationalize your partner’s late nights, coming home at 3am or 4am and excessive attachment to his/her phone during week nights as just long hours at work and nothing more serious.

A leading issue for mental health problems, is that people struggle to accept their reality. People will use defense mechanism to deny what is right in front of them because it is too painful, or they fear the unknown. Denial, rationalization, repression and distortion are just a few ways individuals will cope with very stressful life stressors that threaten their present existence.

Facing reality and accepting your situation is something that I help clients become ready to face and equipped to handle. Many people are overwhelmed, by their reality and hence block it. However, this is very dangerous and lead to patterns of “things blowing up “and unexpected things happening. But it is only in reality, the hard-cold reality of life that we can be safe and make positive life changes.

Reality can be emotionally trying in the short run, but lifesaving later. If you want help facing your reality and figuring out what your skills, emotional and practical you need to make the most of your life, therapy can help. Schedule an initial consultation to find out how therapy might help you. Can WhatsApp us at +6590307239 or email

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