Feeling like a Fraud

Feeling like a Fraud

Do you feel like a fraud at times? Do you feel like a fraud at work? Maybe you feel like a fraud to your friends or romantic partner. Does this feeling of being a fraud overwhelm you with fear of being found out? Are you constantly trying to hide from this feeling?


Feelings of fraud can be overwhelming and distracting. These feelings prevent you from enjoying the life you have created and see how effective you are. These feelings of fraud can also prevent you from being close to people you love because you are afraid they will discover how fake you think you are.

A common reason for seeking out therapy is that someone is overcome with feelings of fraud. They may suffer from serious anxiety attacks of being found out. Often times they are afraid of some sort of catastrophe happening at working or in their relationships. The fear of being fraudulent is distracting and disconnecting to the people you love and care about.  These feelings are often long standing and difficult to solve on your own.


As a therapist, I’ve worked with many individuals who have successfully learned to overcome these feelings. The therapeutic relationship helps people to resolve the underlying issues that produce feelings of fraud. I understand that addressing this with a therapist can be extremely terrifying. Discussing your fraudulent feelings can be overwhelming, however there is a solution.


A unique benefit of working with our therapist is that we provide multiple ways to help you improve your life and relationship by offering:

  • In office and online therapy sessions to provide maximum support and flexibility
  • We provide intensive therapy session
  • We offer customized and group retreats to Croatia
  • We provide you with access to our portal mynewbeginningsclub.com that helps support you in between sessions
  • We can, as needed, integrate dance and other modes of activities for development to help you with your therapy.


Are you tired of feeling like a fraud? Do you want to feel confident in your life at work and in your personal relationships? Are you looking for a sense of peace and safety? Therapy and the therapeutic relationship is a possible way for you to resolve these issues once and for all.


If you would like to have feelings that more accurately match your reality, the process of therapy can help you achieve this. Therapy provides a structured, safe and healthy relationship to help a person be able to recognize and process their feelings to make informed and healthy decisions and behaviors. If you want your life and relationships to better, don’t wait. Help is there for you.

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