Waking up with anxiety

Waking up with anxiety

Do you wake up in the morning with overwhelming anxiety? Even before your day starts, are you filled with dread? Do you often get caught up trying to figure out what is causing your anxiety? Do you spend hours looking through your life trying to figure out why you feel anxious and you are filled with dread?

Waking up to anxiety is a difficult thing to live with. People often get confused thinking that the anxiety must have some source in the present. They connect to the thoughts that go with the anxiety and look for it.

This type of anxiety often has different sources. Anxiety can have sources that aren’t necessarily connected to the present, but maybe more related to how you developed as a child. Anxiety may have sources developed from mental trauma or dramatic incidents or issues that were a part of your development as a child or an adolescent.

Many times people are so overwhelmed by this anxiety that they may choose to engage uncontrollably in compulsive behavior such as eating, drinking, shopping, exercising or masturbation. The various attempts to control anxiety, often lead to more anxiety. It is a horrible state to be in, one of intense anxiety.

If this anxiety flares during stressful period in your life, it can make work even more difficult. You may find that you lack motivation to go to work. Other times you may be to paralyzed to focus on your work because of the anxiety.

The good news is there are solutions to this. This is an area of specialization that All in The Family Counselling Centre Pte ltd. helps individuals with.

This type of crippling anxiety impacts an individual’s ability to connect to people and to function daily. Oftentimes, people who are highly educated and very successful are most crippled by this anxiety. They are able to achieve huge success by having their anxiety drive them.

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