Aging & Performance

Aging & Performance

Are you a man approaching his forties or fifties or older? Have you noticed a change in your erections? As you’re getting older, are you finding that your erections are not as strong? Have you noticed that the reliability and predictability of your erections has reduced?  How are you handling these changes? Do they call into question your sense of masculinity? How does it affect your confidence when you are going to have sex with your partner? How does your partner react to your physical changes?

As men go through their life cycle and approach their forties and beyond, their erections can change. Aging affects all parts of the body. Aging will affect how a man can have sex. It can even affect what he likes and the conditions under which he wants sex.

Some men will lose their hair, while other men will not. Some men will gain weight around their belly, while others will not. Some men will experience types of physical pain whereas other men will not. The same is true for erections. Some men’s erections will change as they get older and other’s may not. Some men’s orgasms will change as they get older and others will not.

As men continue to get older, their erections will change and perhaps become less reliable, while others may not. Other times men may notice that their erections are not as strong or as hard as they once were. Men’s ability to orgasm will also change. Once a man would have been able to orgasm several times in a day. As he get older, he may have to wait a couple days before he’s able to orgasm. This doesn’t mean he can’t have sex, but he won’t orgasm.

If this is happening to you, how are you handling this new phase of life? Is this producing anxiety for you? How was your partner handling it? Are you able to discuss with your partner it in an adult manner and come up with new ways?

For many men their sense of masculinity is tied to the strength and hardness of their erections. Many men are not prepared for the changes in the aging body and how this will affect their erections and therefore how it will affect their approach to sex . For many people, this can be overwhelming  and not understanding the aging process they may feel embarrassment and shame. Feelings can be intensified with the reaction of their partner who may not be aware of the male aging process.

For many men, they may find that their partner attributes the change in their erections to their change in attraction to them. The unfortunate result is that sex may become unnecessarily complicated. It can result in a huge amount of strain on a couple’s sexual lives due to misinformation.

Many couples who lack the information about the aging process and the life cycle for men and women do not know how to talk about it and solve. It can make a simple situation unnecessarily worse through a lack of understanding.

If you are noticing that your erections are changing and it is affecting your confidence leading to avoiding sex with your partner, therapy can help. If you do not know how to talk to your partner in an adult like manner about your physical changes, therapy can be an excellent avenue to help you address this.

Therapy provides a safe, confident place to help provide people with an education about the life cycle of the human body and the life cycle of men and women’s sexuality. Therapy can help a person redefine their view of  masculinity and how they’re going to approach sex and their body gets older and their erections change.

If you would like to see how therapy might help you improve the quality of your sex life, help you address your erection changes or difficulties, contact All in the Family Counselling Center Pte ltd., Tammy Fontana at +6590307239 to learn how therapy may help you.

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