Do you still adjust to Telecommuting?

Do you still adjust to Telecommuting?

The rapid transformation that the coronavirus has done to affect business is dramatic and immediate. Companies are now trying to figure out how to manage the blurred boundaries between home and work as never before.

Employees’ personal issues are greatly impacting their ability to work. Employees are faced with finding a space in small, confined places to work, oftentimes their partner is also working at home. At the same time employees are having to homeschool their children during the same hours they should be working. Companies need to have the productivity, and their executives are struggling to balance the demands of work with trying to being understanding and flexible to their employees work-life issues

Another challenge is that employees are facing big and small mental health challenges. Issues such as anxiety, panic attack, lethargy, lack of motivation and depression are interfering even more as people have lost their regular coping skills. Relationship issues are interfering more into work such as unresolved marital problems that are intensified due to the stress of constant contact, close quarters and stress of working and home-schooling kids.

All of these mental health issues will be compounded because people have lost their regular coping skills. Executives will now see, in a greater way, the impact of personal lives on their employees will affect their ability to work. Managers who are not attuned to their staff and do not have strong interpersonal and emotional relationship skills will have a hard time understanding their employees and helping them.

Most managers and directors are not trained to deal with mental health issues of this type. Human Resources are also not equipped to handle this rapid influx of personal issues. Companies need solutions now and can’t afford to develop these skills in house.

Employers and employees will have to forge new relationships around trust, expectations and how to support one another, while at the same time not making excuses or exploiting the situation to justify the loss of productivity, lack of contact and connection.

Companies that want rapid adjustment and reasonable productivity can now considering getting outside mental health consulting. W

All in the Family Counseling has joined with No Limits Therapy’s dr. Denisa Legac to provide companies very targeted solutions to address these unplanned for work – life boundary issues.

After our Training:

  • You will be able to effectively communicate to employees in challenging situation
  • Predict behaviors more efficiently
  • Express necessary sympathy & empathy, crucially need to support your employees in transition to home office productivity
  • Motivate employees through challenging times
  • Establish a group routine that is acceptable for all employees
  • Be a motivating leader in difficult times
  • Help to provided time effective solutions to help staff who are facing difficulties adjusting

Companies need to be able to quickly identify and address teams or employees who are struggling with mental health, who are lacking the ability to plan and implement home office, manage their children in an effective way so they can work. Developing house skills can take to long. Waiting for employees to address issues that can be resolved quickly may be harmful to the employee and the company.

Mental health professionals with the training of human behavior being able to predict human behavior, who can go in very strategically and identify what people need and develop individual and group therapy solutions that can rapidly target and deploy skills that the clients need.

Companies can utilize our services to go in and quickly assess the situation, implement solutions and provide guidance to help your employees transition to maintain productivity and set up realistic goals. We can also help the executives develop the interpersonal relationship skills that they are going to need to be able to manage these. We can do this very quickly because we have the years and years of experience and education. It would take companies too long to attend classes and work to get the knowledge that they need. If you would like to find out more and have an assessment please contact us at +6590307239 or email

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