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Are you frustrated by all the changes that the pandemic has brought about? Having to do meetings online? Has your socializing has been restricted? Has your whole flow of life, changed?

Are you frustrated because you are looking for a high-quality therapist and either they are not available or they only want to meet with you online? Well, meeting in an office is so 2019.

At All in the Family Counseling we have actually been providing online therapy since 2016. Because we have developed an unique approach to helping our clients long before the pandemic made doing everything online a necessity.

When people are in pain, they want things a certain way. The pandemic is frustrating because we can’t get things the way we want. Compounding this issues is that many people have a preconceived idea about things, like therapy, should be even though they don’t understand how it works.

Therapy Technology is run by the therapist. Our lead therapist, Tammy Fontana, is an expert in complex developmental trauma, trauma, sex and intimacy issues, relationship communication, anxiety and depression. She has honed her skills by training with some of the top therapists in the world.  Tammy Fontana has developed the unique model that supports and makes change possible by incorporating both, online therapy and retreats and intensives for in person therapy.

. Therapy does not have to be done in the office to be effective. Therapy is about building a relationship with your therapist.

Historically, therapy has constantly evolved and changed in terms of how it is carrier out. It used to be done in a group setting on a stage, back when Freud and other early psychologists and psychotherapists started. As technology evolved and things became more available people moved things to indoors, meeting in offices, meeting in families, meeting in stadiums, meeting in groups. Now, we do intensives, we do online, we do in person. Your therapist is the best determinant to know and run the technology of therapy.

All in the Family Counselling has developed, for the last four years, a comprehensive program to help clients who really want to change. We combined online sessions with in person intensives and retreats to ensure a comprehensive change. Online therapy is as effective as in office and, in fact, even more effective because of the ability to have consistency, to allow a wider range of appointment slots, to accommodate clients and to meet clients wherever they are in the world so that long-term therapy relationships are not disrupted.

In addition, intensives where you work three, four or five days with the therapist, provides an added layer of develop and depth to your treatment. Intensives and retreats provide insights into the dynamics of your relationship that meeting once a week in person cannot. In intensives we are dealing with real time life problems. In office therapy we are meeting once a week in which issues are reported after the fact.

All in the Family Counselling is leading the way in providing our clients with the best therapy by incorporating the latest technology, training and interventions. Contact us by sending a WhatsApp message to +65 9030 7239 to find out how you can schedule an initial consultation to find out how we can help you.

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